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ZTW Spider Pro Premium 2205 2600kv Motor Review

The ZTW Spider Pro Premiums are the latest high end FPV motor from ZTW. They are designed to give the user the upper hand in a race. With ZTW quoting 18% more thrust than the previous motor. But can these live up to the label of ZTW’s most premium motor?

Big thank you to ZTW for sending us these samples.


  • Stator diameter: 22mm
  • Stator thickness: 5mm
  • Poles 12N 14P
  • KV: 2600KV
  • Resistance: 0.0468Ω
  • Current 8.4V: 1.1A
  • Max watts: 170W
  • Rotor diameter: 28mm
  • Shaft diameter: M5x14.5mm
  • Bell length: 16.5mm
  • Rx cable length: 180mm
  • Weight: 26g
  • Input voltage: 2-3S Lipo

What you get in the box

  • Motor with extra long high quality silicon wire
  • Ni-Lock M5 nut
  • 4x washers and screws


The motor feels of a high quality. The thin Silicon wire makes building the quad nice and easy. If we were nick picking, we would say that the heat shrink extends quite far from the motor which could present and issue on tighter builds or if you have large ESCs.

Out of the box these motors feel high quality. They are made of lightweight aluminium and come in at 26g which is remarkably light for the 2205 class and is light than some 2204s even.


Considering that these motors retail for between $15 and $18 one expects high QC but the motors just don’t quite cut it even though they are ZTW’s ‘Premium’ line of products. But the windings are average at best and there is a persistent vibration from two of the five test motors we received. From what we can tell it is either from an unbalanced motor bell or a loose bearing. Either way it shouldn’t really happen in a high quality motor.


The motors feel high quality and well-designed but there is one niggle. On two the five motors that we received the ZTW there is the slightest of vibrations from the bearing. The is fairly minor at low RPMs but as soon as they start to really spin up it sends vibrations through the frame damaging overall flight performance. Not only can vibration screw up Gyro data, it also makes for a profoundly unpleasant FPV experience especially at high speeds.


In terms of thrust the motor do perform very well. We ran them on 5045 Thug props to start and the high KV gave the decent top speed, more than enough for most high speed FPV races. Then we put on some 5x45x3 DAL V2s. This was slightly over propping the motor, but still the power was more than ample. They came back hotter than the Emax red bottoms do on the same prop and KV, but that is too expected.Whilst ZTW have not confirmed what magnets they are using in the bell, we suspect they could be N52SH, so you can push them slightly harder without the risk of reaching the Curie temperature and demagnetising the magnets.



I’m in two minds about this motor. On the one hand it is clear that ZTW have set out to make a high quality premium motor for the top end mini quad market. However, it is just let down by those vibrations. On $10 I feel it could be forgiven but on motor being sold for close to $18 poor QC is not really something that motor manufactures can afford to be having, especially in such a competitive market.

Before I completely disregard these motors it should be reiterated that we received these motors directly from ZTW and so they could well be pre-production models.

All in all, the motor gives very good thrust for the high kv market and performs as one would expect it.And it’s a shame because if it were not for the QC failure, we would give these motors a very high rating as it is clear that ZTW have put a lot of thought into the motor design but as it stands we have to go off our review sample.

Overall 6/10

Big thank you to ZTW for sending us these samples.


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