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YI Technology Hits a Home Run with YI Erida

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YI Technology showcased two new products at CES 2017; the YI 4K+ Action Camera and their first drone, the YI Erida. The name may sound somewhat familiar since a few years back the original Erida designers (Atlas), ran a crowdfunding campaign, however it didn’t take long for YI Technology to see the potential in the Latvian company, and quickly backed them.

The YI Erida claims to reach speeds of 120km/h with a flight time of up to 40 minutes, making it the longest flying time drone to be on the market. Its carbon fiber body makes it lightweight (1.3kg) and retractable propellers makes it portable.

Price is yet to be announced but I imagine it won’t be unreasonable, YI Technology often like to be better than the competition, but cheaper, hence the success with their 4K Action Camera.

The YI Erida has been advertised with the YI 4K action camera attached, but with the YI 4K+ being compatible with the drone they’re likely to come  as a pair, with which you’re able to shoot 4k images at 60fps, a world’s first in its category.

Considering this is YI’s first drone it gives them a very promising future in the market, particularly if they’re able to build on this. It’s a difficult task to compete with the likes of DJI, but with a drone that can fly almost twice as fast, with a third more in flight time than the Mavic Pro, they’re off to a great start. Although, with these specs it seems more likely they’re trying to take on the DJI Inspire Pro, so it would be interesting to know what YI Technology will price their YI Erida at.

The release date for the YI Erida has not been confirmed, but it will be sometime in late 2017.

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