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XM-30 BLHeli ESC Review

Recently Drone Insider received the brand new DYS XM30. We would like to thank GearBest.com for sending us these, without their support we wouldn’t be able to bringing honest reviews to you guys.

Disclaimer: Gearbest do not own DYS, so it is not in our interest or theirs for us to be Biased in DYS’s favour, this is an honest review, like all of our reviews. Enjoy!


  • Input voltage: 3-6s Lipo
  • BEC: NO
  • Size(mm): 45L*16.5W*5.8H
  • Type: BLHeli Bootloader & Firmware
  • Weight: 11.5g



  • XM series ESC is the upgraded version of the SN series with advanced processor, a basic frequency up to 50MHz, and faster overall processing capacity to better support high KV motors
  • Designed for quick multi-rotor throttle response
  • Twisted pair cable is used to deliver throttle signal, reducing signal crosstalk while further stabilizing copper wire transmission
  • New miniaturization and ultra-low resistance MOSFET, powerful flow resistance, and professional MOS Drive chips improve efficiency
  • Newly designed PCB board improves impact resistance.
  • Sub-miniaturization design reduces weight while still providing a high performance filtering capacitor
  • Refresh rate of throttle signal up to 500Hz, compatible with all modern flight controllers, including the Naze32 Rev6 and SP Racing F3
  • Ultra-high speed Oneshot125 with 3000Hz refresh rate provides quick, smooth throttle response
  • Fully programmable via USB port, with two-way and 3D modes for high speed racing and acrobatics.


13396662_1703499579898651_2051544213_oFor their price point these are incredible well-made and well designed, the solder pads for the motor wires makes it much easier to neaten up your build as well as limiting the likely hood of ripping out a solder pad in a bad crash. They also come with these easily removable plastic cases, which even though they add some weight, they more than make up for it by the protection they offer. Not only do they make it easier to zip tie your ESCs to the quad arms, they also provide protection from shorting our a wire rip out from props.


We recently got a chance to try out these new ESCs in our SCX review, and we must say we were more than pleased with them. The response time was great and you could really feel the difference between the BLHeli 13.1 which were running on some RG30s, and BLHeli 14.4 which the XM30s were running. Subjectively one really felt a punch from these ESCs with the high throttle response, and objectively these XM30s do consistently come out on top of ESC shoot outs.


Even though BLHeli-S is on the Horizon, these ESCs still represent a very good investment for novice to intermediate fliers. The high amp rate, makes them very versatile and the flying characteristics coupled with the reliability means you will be using these for a long time to come.

In general, these are a good all round ESC, but they still don’t fly as well as Kiss or BLHeli-S and they are quite chunky at 11.5g each. However, if you want something which is tried and tested, which are easy to use, you won’t be disappointed.

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