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What’s the Hype with Drones? – 2017

September 8, 2017 Consumer Drones, Latest News

So Why the Hype?

Here at Drone Insider we run one of the biggest Drone Websites in the UK. So you would think we would know what all the hype was about. Even so we got our friends over at Signwithin to help us out. They created this handy info graphic to help answer the question.

From our person experience one fo the reasons that Drones have become so popular is that they fulfill one of the most basic human desires….the dream of flying. Whether it’s hovering in the air viewing the world below as if one was a bird or whether it is zipping through trees at 100mph a few feet off the ground like a wasp. Drone’s get us closest to that dream of flight.

With roughly 400,000 Drone’s sold in total in 2016 there is no doubt that this ‘hobby’ is running steadily into the mainstream. Combine this with the practicality and portability of drones along with the sense of Freedom and adventure that they give and one can understand why they’ve blown up so much.

Have a quick skim through the Infographic below to further understand why Drones are so popular:


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