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What is Simon K?

February 24, 2017 Latest News

Hi all welcome to this short article on Simon K esc’s buy guest writer VertigoUK

What’s Simon K I hear you ask?

Simon k is basically the firmware running on the esc it has been custom made for esc’s by a guy names Simon Kirby it interprets the input signals from your flight controller and battery, determines what to do and sends the correct voltage to the motor.

Wait a Minute, What’s Firmware?

OK back to basics. In every digital electronic item there are microchips or microcontroller units built on to the circuit board. The firmware is a special piece of code that takes an input signal processes it and then sends out the resulting signal. Esc’s are no different.

Why can’t I just use stock firmware?

In short you can quite happily use stock firmware. However with stock firmware you are stuck with the processing that the factory says. Custom firmware such as Simon K allows you to tune the esc a little better for faster response times and it also allows you to get around some unwanted safety features built in to the esc.

Why do I need Simon K?

Why do we need anything in life? Because it gives us the freedom to do as we wish.

For example on a stock esc when the battery gets too low most esc will just cut power to the motor. Not what we want when we are 400ft in the air. With Simon K esc’c the motor will just keep going although you risk damage to your batteries. In my opinion replacing a battery is a lot better that replacing a whole multirotor.

Simon K firmware has also been known to increase response times and increases compatibility. Simon k firmware is constantly being tweaked and updated. The big advantage is that the firmware is open which means you can modify the code to how you like it. In my opinion it is definitely worth the extra cost purely for the faster response time and freedom to modify it however I want.

The other advantage of Simon k is that the compatibility is that good it can even be used to start any motor providing the motor isn’t fried.

OK You have twisted my arm. How do I get it?

Getting an esc flashed with Simon k firmware is easy they are available from most RC dealers. However if you wish to modify the code or turn your own esc into a Simon k esc you will need a Simon k flashing tool which is compatible with your esc.

How too guides are available via a quick Google search.

By Verigo UK

It is also worth looking up BLHeli firmware, as this has arguably surpassed that of SimonK’s.


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  1. Simon K is old school, anyone flying preformance quads use BLHeli firmware. SK limits itself to old Atmel based crummy esc’s, yes, they do work, but not very well on today’s higher KV motors. And you cant do anything other than old school PWM and Oneshot125. BLH FW will do PWM, OS125, OS42, Multishot (prefered). The next step is BLH_S, this is the best ESC FW at the moment, it does all the above protocols and ads Dshot. IMO the best bang for buck is the Racerstar 30A V2 (also know as RS30A v2), they are on BG for $40~$50 a set of 4. Just stay away from SimonK unless they are almost free.

    • Great advice here^^.

      Thanks Jo!

    • Thanks for the reply. I haven’t actually upgraded my quad since building it so didn’t realise there was a better firmware out there. Thanks for letting me know I will certainly take a look.

  2. I may have skipped this as I fly a 650 ap quadcopter with 350kv motors thanks though

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