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Wedding drone photography – Quick Tips

Adding a drone to your wedding photography equipment is a huge level up that could keep customers coming. But before you let it fly, it’s best to know what you should do before and when using it

Drones create stunning aerial images, and today more and more people marvel at the photos this relatively new technology produces. Included in this pool of admirers are soon-to-be husbands and wives.

If you have a drone and are planning to offer it as an add-on to your wedding photography packages, good for you. If you don’t, then you’re a bit behind the times. Drone photography for weddings has started gaining popularity and could help your business gain more profit.

How to Capture the best Wedding shots with a drone:

There are quite a lot of things you should know when using drones to document a wedding. To help you out, here are some dos and don’ts to remember.


  1. Do inform your client about the added cost
    It’s all part of being professional. Always mention the additional payment needed for the drone photography. Many couples have a strict budget, so it’s best to let them choose if they could squeeze it in or not.
  1. Do check if drones are allowed in the vicinity
    There are areas where drones are banned; these include national parks and private properties. Don’t forget to check with the local council or government where the venue is located before attempting to use your drone. If you need to get a permit, do so, even if it means extra payment.You should also confirm with the venue administration whether they allow drones to fly over their place.
  1. Do confirm what the venue will be like
    Of course, there will be restrictions to your use of your drone. You can’t use it in an indoor venue, places where there are wires or telephone poles, and outdoor areas where there are thick trees. Find out what the setup will be like so you can plan where to use your new toy.
  1. Do get insured
    Let’s admit it, no matter how you look at it, you’re remotely flying a thing that could potentially be a harm to people if an accident happens. If anything goes wrong (and hope nothing does), insurance will cover damage to properties and injury.


  1. Don’t fly a drone if you don’t know how
    It’s dangerous. However, you can opt to hire or subcontract a professional drone operator to do the job. Don’t worry; you’ll still be in charge of the image composition.
  1. Don’t use your drone when the weather’s not good
    If you want to keep using it for a long time, you should refrain from exposing it to water. This means you should tuck it away even if there’s only some drizzle.
    Another thing to note that strong wind is also your drone’s enemy. It can knock your drone off and might accidentally crash into a guest.
  1. Don’t disrupt the ceremony
    Drones are noisy things. So be sure not to use them during important and solemn parts of the wedding, especially the ceremony. You wouldn’t want to be stealing the spotlight from the bride and groom when they’re exchanging vows, do you?
  1. Don’t lose your cool
    Drones are fun to use, but you’ll surely need lots of patience when shooting with one. Give yourself some time to compose the perfect images and just be creative with the shoot.

Additionally, you have to equip your drone with a very decent action camera, otherwise you will end up getting sub-standard photos. Once you’ve cleared all that’s written here, brace yourself for spectacular wedding photos that are unlike any other!

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