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Virtuality Reality for Quad Coptors

Have you ever considered Virtual reality as an option for your FPV flights? Now we have often come close to the VR experience over the last couple years. Many people have been putting head tracking modules in their Fatsharks, and we did have the Skyzone 3Ds a couple last year. However, many of these solution failed in one key area, field of View. Anyone, who has tried to fly 3D has found that the low FOV which is many of the goggles is what lets the experience down. We teamed up with Gearbest in order to try and find the ultimate FPV virtual reality goggle. Also Check out their whole FPV section, there are some really good deals on there!!

Introducing the RT-2/C


RT-2 is a virtual reality 3D Goggles designed specifically for VR FPV. In order to experience the 3D the RT-2 must be equipped with the 3D binocular camera, Gear best have the C – 600 3D Camera,, and you can also buy the Skyzone 3D camera if you are looking for a lighter option for smaller quads. The 3D goggles has a 32CH 5.8G video receiver. The 3D FPV uses a unique band so by consequence will reduce the original quality to transmit both views with the same channel bandwidth.

What makes these goggles special are two key features. One is the incredibly high frame rate; with a frame rate of 75fps its more than double that of the Fatshrak Dom V3 (32fps). This is brilliant for FPV flying, because just like gaming the higher frame rate means you can see things more immediately, and though it may not be a hugely noticeable difference, numerous studies have proven that it does increase reaction time, which is why they manufacture 144hz monitor. The Second key feature is the the high FOV*, this allows for a much more immersive experience and mea

*disclaimer we do not have conformation that the FOV is fully 90 degrees


  • 1 x RT-2 (with XT60 battery connector)
  • 1 x Colormix C-600
  • 1 x 5.8G linear antenna
  • 1 x DIY cable (for the C-600)
  • 1 x USB to XT60 (for the RT-2)
  • 1 x Menu navigation module with JST connector (for the RT-2)
  • 1 x Instruction manual (English)

The Specs

Name RT-2 RT-2C
Size(mm 175×120×95 175×120×95
Weight 415g 418g
Screen Size 5 inches 5 inches
Screen Resolution 800×480(75fps) 800×480(75fps)
Display Ratio 16:9 16:9
Pupil Distance Adjustable Adjustable
Brightness 400cd/m2 (Adjustable) 400cd/m2 (Adjustable)
Contrast Adjustable Adjustable
Saturation Adjustable Adjustable
FOV 90° 90°
Antenna port RP-SMA,50Ω RP-SMA,50Ω
Frequency 32channels 5.8GHz 32channels 5.8GHz
Sensitivity -90dBm -90dBm
Video Standard PAL、NTSC PAL、NTSC
DC In DC 6.8V-24V DC 6.8V-24V
Consumption 3.6W 8.4W
Operating Temperature -20~70℃ -20~70℃
Matched Camera 3D camera 2D、3D camera


Camera module


  • 2.5cm of distance between each lens
  • 2 micro and 1 mini. Only the mini is used to power and collect the video signal for the transmitter
  • 200mW VTX attached. The white wire is the Video signal


  • 138g as well as the size means not really compatible with a 250mm quad mainly due to mounting issues.
    Weight can be shaved
  • The main PCB is only 36g !!!!
  • the metallic casing standalone weights close to 50g !!!
  • Finally, only the electronic weights just a little bit than 55g
  • by removing the last metallic element, it will be close to 50g and a 3D printed cases would work very well.

Though this seems like a heavy camera, it is important to remember that there is a VTX inside as well. It would work very well on many of the 300-400 sized frames, and the 3D experiences is definitely worth a couple of grams.


We hope to do a full review of the RT-2s, as there is a bright future for fully immersive 3D FPV. The RT-2s look like a very good option, mainly because of their 90 degree FOV*. One the biggest issues we have with Fatshark goggles such as the Attitude V2s and the Dom V3s is their low FOV of ~30 degrees, it still feels like you are looking at a screen just in a black tunnel rather than being fully immersed. These new VR options could bea way to get passed this. For many the size and weight of the Camera module will be a limiting factor, however as previously explained a lot of weight can be shaved off. It is also important to remember that not every quad needs a 10:1, unless you are racing you can have just as much enjoyment with a extra 50g or so. And the beauty of these (if you get the RT-2C) version is you can use 2D cameras, so if you at an event or you want 2D FPV just use a Sony 600TVL or TBS zero zero or any other board camera and VTX and they should work well.

Shout out to Gearbest and whole VR section definitely check it out!! They have everything from simple VR headsets to more advanced ones. A lot of the options for smartphones give a completely different experience to watching things like movies or YouTube.

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