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Turnigy Graphene

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http://coleface.com.au/paper-production-prevent-paper-cracking/ GRAPHENE_EDM_160203
Hobbyking has recently released some new Lipo batteries, and has named them Turnigy Graphene apparently because they contain graphene anodes, however we fail to see how a single layer of atoms can conduct over 50A. Unless they are using the graphene to separate the packs. Anyway initial reviews have been good on the batteries, with some claims of over 600 cycles per battery as well as no increase in IR over the pack’s lifetime.
From rampman’s RCGroups thread:

enter “Anyone that knows Lipo’s will ask how the capacity is now after >900 cycles (20 more cycles are running as I type this). Well, a few nights ago I let the pack soak in my 72F house and the IR was 29. That’s right, basically NO LOSS of C rating at cycle 729. Really? Yulp, and the IR has been holding around there the whole time.”

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http://nottsbushido.co.uk/wp-json/ There is clear potential for these packs, however until some more data from other packs are in, we are yet to buy any at DroneInsider.

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