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star dating 18 year old May 15, 2016 FPV, Latest News

opzioni digitali regime amministrato Intro:

conocer chicas vizcaya As our hobby continues to grow at a rapid pace, we continue to see new products emerge from newer companies, which is great for us, as it drives innovation and the price down.

forex tsd mladen Today we will be having a look at some ‘HeadPlay’ style FPV Goggles named the TOVSTO VIVID, as well as discussing FPV Goggles in general in 2016.

Minimanti denuderanno disenfiasse trading binario fineco come funziona ritranquillaste antelunari. Rinserrerebbe malinconica TOVSTO itself is a new company to hit the FPV Market, with their focus on complete RTF packages for new pilots, including transmitters, video receivers and flying quads.

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opcje binarne wykop Overview of FPV Goggles as of May 2016

http://www.techhelpnumbers.com/font/1338 There are 2 main styles to goggles in this day and age, the ‘headplay’ and the
‘fatshark’ style goggles. ‘Headplay’ style goggles, such as the Headplay (obviously), the Quanum series from Hobbyking and the Vivid, are very different to the smaller and more pratical Fatsharks and Skyzones.

40 year old virgin speed dating actress The headplay style goggles often offer a huge FoV and screen size, with a higher resolution as well. This very much makes them an ‘IMAX’ style experience where the image is right up in your face. Another fact to consider is that these goggles are often considerably larger than the Fatshark style goggles. This is because they place the screen further away from your face and use less optics to focus the image.

telecharger site de rencontre inchallah A Fatshark style goggle often has a smaller field of view than headplay style goggles, however there exceptions such as the Dominator HD Series. Their picture is almost always a smaller FoV and is more akin to watching a movie at a normal cinema. These goggles are also significantly smaller than the large goggles and use a large number of optical lenses to allow you to focus on the screen without straining your eyes.

There will forever be a debate over which goggle is the best, however it generally seems that all the best pilots use the smaller type goggles. We think this because they can see a larger amount of the image without having to move their eyeballs. Therefore they can take in more information about their surroundings and push their flying even further.

metatrader für binäre optionen The VIVID 

The VIVID’s do seem like a great option, especially for those getting into FPV who want good performance for a lower price and are not too concerned with top end performance. What’s interesting about these goggles is their resemblance to the head plays. Whether they are fake head plays or simply share key features is still unknown. The price for these is in head play territory at $220, and Tovosto is a proper FPV company with a variety of products, so one would assume that this is still a premium product. Some of the specs also seem better than head plays, so it is likely that they got the head play base design and improved it with various modification.  One thing which makes these very compelling is their simplicity, it is very much plug and play, while the quanums are a constant irritation in terms of tinkering and fiddling around in order to get them to work.

A few specs:

  • Size:270x236x176mm
  • Display: 1200×800, 72° FoV (this seems pretty unlikely though), ‘Interactive Menu’
  • Inputs: HDMI in (this is great if you want to fly a simulator through your goggles, to make the experience even more realistic), AV in (for 0.9/1.3/2.4 receivers)
  • Inbuilt Receiver: 32 Channel 5.8Ghz, SMA connector, -90dBm, autoscanning
  • Battery: 1000mAh 2S (7.2V) Lipo

They also claim to be “Lightweight, it will not give your head a heavy feeling.”


We are interested by the potential of a direct competition to the popular headplays and the advent of highend single screen-based goggles. As with all innovative products, the headplays had teething issues (for example the blue screen issue), and we hope the VIVID’s can improve upon the ground the headplays made. However we are a little skeptical about TOVSTO’s limited experience in the FPV market, as well as the fact they are unproven, in the sense that no reviewer has reviewed them yet. Only time will tell if these goggles will be a good purchase for the FPV hobbyist. As always we will try and keep you updated!

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  1. I would like to see a review of these goggles. I am looking for a much better one than the Quanum V2. I have been looking at the SJ-V01 which are a Headplay knockoff, but cheaper. All the above have Fresnel lenses and it would seem that the Tovsto Vivids have a clear magnifier 3x lens.

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