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Top 5 Best Micro Quads 2016

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forum su opzioni binarie http://boersenalltag.de/blog/blog-from/2013-08-01/blog-to/ RotorX Atom

http://www.amisdecolette.fr/?friomid=le-flirter-definition&c9b=8b atom_09_1The RotorX Atom is in our opinion the best frame in the 130 category. It runs 75mm props,  but be aware that the slightly oversized HQ 3″ props won’t fit without trimming down them down. However, do not be fooled by this small craft, it still packs a huge punch. The use of a full sized Naze allows easy updates via the Micro USB Port as well as easy replacements if you were to break one. We recommend buying the Genix PDB or Sputnik Atom PDB, as this significantly improves the build, whilst not adding too much extra weight. In conclusion, the Atom is a must have for the micro quad category. If you really are obsessed with speed its big brother the Raiju, a 155mm Hexacopter is even faster!

wie kommt man bei goption wieder raus SIM_0440!! http://podzamcze-dobczyce.pl/index.php/restauracja/assets/css/style.css The Sputnik

http://www.castleimmobiliare.it/?buisews=no-deposit-bonus-forex&bcf=f3 The SP117 is a recent entry into the ever growing micro market and it is the closest thing we have seen yet to pushing the RotorX Atom off its top spot. We are in contact with Sputnik and we are planning to do a full review of the SP117 when the second production batch comes after Chinese new year. All up weight is suggested to be 89.2 (Without battery) grams meaning it undercuts 122mm atom with AUW of ~130g (without battery). Thanks to the ingenious PDB the build looks like it will be nice and simple, though it will have to be clean as well, because there isn’t much space. All in all we can’t wait to see how this quad performs!!!


Studio_Session-017_1024x1024 http://beerbourbonbacon.com/?niokis=dating-first-dates&e0a=d8 Shendrones Shrieker

This is a different and interesting microquad from Shendrones, it is more like a X quad than the H quad of the Atom and Airblade. The advantage it has is that it can run 3” HQ Props natively without having to cut them down, as well as the SMA holes in the top plate to allow for the easy changing of antennas. Whereas on the Atom and AirBlade you (almost) have to run a directly soldered antenna, which is good for saving weight, however runs the risk of ripping solder pads off the VTx in a bad crash. Check out our Full Review!


download source link AirBlade assault

The AirBlade assault is another great 130mm quad, it features a unconventional arm layout, similar to the Shendrones Tweaker. One great feature we like is the 3d printed skirt, which protects the components in a crash. However there have been reports of these skirts not letting air pass through the quad and therefore affecting yaw ability. Nevertheless we don’t think this would be much of an issue on a quad this small.

RMRC-HB-122-KIT-08 follow RMRC Hellbender 122

The RMRC Hellbender 122 is a frame based on the 204 Hellbender, but shrunken down as much as possible to fit 3″ props. It is a nice design however it comes in very heavy at around 215g on 1104s. For us we find this is too heavy, and the lack of a compatible PDB also puts us off, however RMRC do a great 4 in 1 ESC for this quad (which would be compatible on the atom) the only issue with all 4 in 1s is when one ESC goes you have to chuck the whole thing. Unfortunatly we have had some experience with some rather poor 4 in 1 ESCs, so you use them at your own risk!

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