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Top 5 RTF Racing Drones and Quads – June 2017

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frau kennenlernen ukraine Hey guys, today we’re premiering a new Top 5 on RTF racing quads, this is primarily aimed at first time DIY fliers who want to get to the hobby by keeping things simple.

So What is the best ready to Fly (RTF) pre-built quad?

Team BlackSheep TBS Vendetta II FPV Racer

follow link The Original TBS Vendetta set the standard for the RTF FPV racing with an innovative design and high quality components. This year, TBS have continued the trend by upgrading their original Vendetta design to keep up with the Racing miniquads of 2017. So what’s new about the Version 2? Well the internal electronics have been completely rearranged. It is lighter and the all-new TBS FPVision OSD has been included. The Colibri V2 FC is a rock solid performer together with the new and improved 6S-capable BLHeli-S 25A Bulletproof ESC’s. Despite all the upgrades, we’ve managed to shed 30 grams and improved the wiring, as well as strengthened the frame in all the areas where wear and tear could break it over time. All in all this is currently the best all-round quad and despite the high price tag you get your money’s worth with the smart design and high quality components.


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Eachine Wizard X220

optiontime demokonto The Eachine Wizard like many Chinese RTF quads should be considered a Chinese pre-built DIY drone. In that it pretty much looks the same compared to if you bought all of the components and soldered them together yourself, and most of them come shipped with fairly passable tuning. Being China and such a large business now many of these Eachine and Walkera RTF come with incredible margins and are sometimes cheaper than if you were to buy the components separately. At only $150 with 20A BLHeli S ESCs and solid set of 2205 2300KV Motors, the Eachine Wizard is no slouch and certainly represents good value for money.

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Team Blacksheep QQ190

This represents a very good option for those of you who want to invest in a high end prebuilt racing quad, which the top parts, along with durability for them to last. Due to how tough it is to fly racing Quads we do not recommend this for first time fliers. However, if you have a fair bit of cash and have had some fun flying drones and want to take it further than this represents a very good option for racing, with good enough build and components that it could take you to the highest leagues. The QQ190 also comes with a modular component system, meaning that if you are allergic to soldering it would make the perfect drone for you.


ImmersionRC Vortex PRO (UmmaGawd Edition)

The ImmersionRC Vortex PRO (UmmaGawd Edition) takes the good foundation created by last year’s ImmersionRC and adds a bit of 2017 to it. Most importantly it come in PURPLE so it must be fast XD XD!!! The ImmersionRC Vortex 250 PRO (UmmaGawd Edition) comes equipped with a 600TVL CCD Camera, a stage 1 race kit, 2 sets of 4 UmmaGawd Purple 4-blade props, and Lumenier RX2206-11 2350Kv Motors. This not only represents significantly better parts for only $30 more, however that does not mitigate the fact that the is still $530, making it very expensive compared to other competitive offerings such as the Eachine Wizard which realistically will be just as good. Though it is worth pointing out you get a not one but two “Branded battery straps” so to be honest it sounds like a real bargain.

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Thrust-UAV’s Riot 250R Pro

Like the TBS Vendetta II the Thrust-UAV’s Riot 250R Pro is a specially built RTF design with A nearly-indestructible poly-carbonate skirt and flight system pod that keeps your race drone looking clean and streamlined. As well as looking the stunning the designers have paid special attention to the CG for X, Y and Z axis for improved flight characteristics. The biggest downside to this quad is the price, at $550 it puts itself against the similar offerings from TBS and ImmersionRC, and though ThrustUAV have rich history in racing it may not be enough to persuade some buyers.

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Many other companies do sell prebuilt versions of their DIY quads which you may want to consider:

  1. QAV-XS Stretch “CodeRed SE” RTF w/ DSMX RX
  2. QAV-X CHARPU FPV Racing Quadcopter (4mm) RTF w/ FrSky Rx
  3. QAV210 Mini FPV Quadcopter RTF
  4. Holybro Shuriken X1 V2 – DSMX


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