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Top 5 Racing Quads October 2016

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Check out our latest top 5 best racing quad frames here


Due to the subjective nature of MultiRotor Frames we have compiled this list through the use of:

  • Personal experience with the Frames
  • The opinion’s of other fliers on Facebook groups and Forums
  • The features and design of the frame

Impulse RC Helix

0000669_helix-zx5-fpv-frameThe Helix is the pinnacle of Racing quad design currently. Every little detail was taken into account when designing the quad and we have yet to see such a conclusive all round build anywhere else in the industry.  As any good frame should be, the Helix was light weight, durable and flew very nicely. In all honesty our only niggle was a lack of a 30 degree gopro plate, but even this is understandable as it is a racing Frame. Once again ImpulseRC have set a new bar when it comes to pushing the boundaries of MultiRotor design. Through their unique mix of creativity, innovation and tallent they have surpassed all competition. We look forward to seeing another year of the industry playing catch up.

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Shrike V2

shrike-v2The Shrike-220 is for those wishing to push the limits of what a 6″ propeller has to offer. The camera mounting is updated from the V1 and give the option for extreme angles that can exceed even the most talented of pilots. With these mods the main pod is now 15mm shorter allowing for a better CG which should help to centralise weight and increase the agility and stability of the Quad. Like the V1 the Strike V2 is a very simple design executed well. At $80 the Shrike is more expensive than come of the competitors.


Built with both strength and speed in mind, the LDE180 is a beautifully designed 5” frame.  The design consists of a central 30.5mm pod, which houses the camera, vtx, receiver and PDB/FC. Then extending outwards are the usual flat boom arms, except they are joined together to form a (sort of) square shape. A feature we first on a race frame in the Blackbolt XBR. This makes the frame significantly stronger as it can absorb the “cartwheel” motion after a crash easily. This frame is purely designed for racing, so you will do well to mount a GoPro on there. But isn’t an issue in our opinion, if you’re buying this frame we doubt you would run a GoPro on it anyway!

SRD199 “Loki-X5”

storm-srd199-frame-4mm-bigOne of the most versatile frames on the list is the Storm SRD199. Firstly, you can pick either a 6mm or 4mm bottom plate. This gives you the option to build a tank that can take any hit thrown at it, or a lighter more agile racing machine. In addition, the frame can take either a top or bottom mounted battery, whatever suits your preference. There is also ample room to mount a gopro on top of the quad if you run the battery on the bottom. At only 58g the 4mm version is competitive with some of the lightest racing frames around. We thinking this is partly because of the use of aluminium hardware, which saves a lot of weight over the more commonly used steel hardware.

RDQ 182

13432295_1180989831932790_8763616888809464397_n_1024x1024The frame is simple, cheap and stronger than garnet. It has amazing flying characterises and it weighs almost nothing. It is priced highly competitively at $50 which undercuts many of the key competitors such as the SCX and the Shrike. However, no matter how you look at it, this is a tough build. It has to be done perfectly or else you simply cannot fit everything in. You have to ask is it worth sacrificing simple building aids and space in the pursuit a lighter frame? If you are an experienced builder than this is a very good durable Frame.

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  1. I know you’re going to get a zillion “why didn’t you include my favorite” frame comments, but…

    You include the LDE180 as the only representative of a box-style frame. Appropriate to include that style since I believe them to be the future, minimal bulk and needing much less hardware. FWIW, it seems kind of odd to include the SRD199, since that is completely the opposite–real old-school large inner body and probably too bulky to win many races these days.

    But, I would propose the LDE is not the best example of a box frame, notably that the curved connecting box compromises the strength since the curve cuts across the grain of carbon fiber. Also since the curve isn’t the most direct line between the edges of the arms, it adds more material, and even a couple of grams of weight matters in a racing quad.

    A better (IMHO the best) example of a box frame is the Black Bolt XBR220. IMHO a stronger frame, and a real no-nonsense design. The center pod section of the XBR220, especially with the injection molded body, is brilliantly minimal.

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