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Top 5 Best FPV Antenna – 5.8Ghz

click here April 24, 2016 FPV

0003082_ibcrazy-58ghz-airblade-race-spec-antenna-sma-lhcpCheck out our latest top 5 antennas for 2017 here

IBCrazy 5.8GHz

follow url This is the best of the best when it comes to video antenna. Made by video areal systems under the watchful full eye of IBCrazy these are renowned for their perfect QC and range. However, you do pay a hefty price for this precision quality. A single antenna can set you back $35. While they do run exposed, the antennas have a large reinforced nylon hub at the feed which will allow a racer to repeatedly bend them back to shape and fly again after many crashes.

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TBS Triumph

see url. Binomial Trees. Wiener Processes and Ito’s Lemma. The Black-Scholes-Merton Model. Employee Stock Options. DSC07575zzThe TBS Triumph is a new FPV antenna designed by FPV Pioneer Alex Greve, better know as IBCrazy. This antenna is an update over the classic clover leaf/ skew planar we are used to. Interestingly it does not use any bent wires, unlike the wheel antennas of the past. It is understood that also there are no active parts, making manufacture much more difficult. These have received mostly positive reviews from the community with many liking the light weight design and the good quality video. Many have said that they are ‘basically unbreakable’ making them great for those of use who fail to see that some holes just aren’t big enough.

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ImmersionRC 5.8GHz SpiroNet

http://tiffin.my/bilwoer/6560 49826These things have been an industry standard for over a year now. They hit the mid range price point perfectly and give a great mix of quality, signal strength and price competitiveness. The Skewplainer design gives you brilliant signal strength in almost any direction making them great for proximity flying. These have a rigid outer shell which holds up to even the most violent crashes. At Drone Insider the only time we have ever managed to break on of these things is during a 50mph mid air collision between two quads, and bear in mind that same crash sheared a motor shaft. A nice and surprisingly useful feature of the Spironets is the red Antenna shaft. This is semi-ridged and can be bent in to any position you want, meaning you don’t have to worry about W or L type SMA/RP-SMA connectors.

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IBCrazy 5.8GHz 10dBic Crosshair Antenna

here 5-8-crosshair-rhcp_1If you are looking for a directional antenna than this is the one for you. 10DBi is huge, most and patch antennas are only 4 to 6 DBi, this would only be beaten by a couple of the strongest helicals on the market. We would recommend only using this antenna on a diversity receiver or ground station, as if you fly out of the effective Field of view for this antenna then the signal strength will drop off quite considerably, as is the nature of directional antenna.  This antenna can be perfect for flying through trees or in areas were penetration is required.

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Aomway 5.8GHz 4-Leaf Clover Antenna

binäre option börse 76889_High(1)These are often said to be the best of the budget options. The circular polarization helps reject “multipath interference”, a common problem with standard dipole stock antennas. Each antenna has extra reinforcement around the base of the clover leaf assembly making them less susceptible to damage. The 3Dbi omni-direction means that you should get nice solid video where ever you fly. These are a really good budget option, and would considerably improve your range over a standard Dipole rubber ducky.

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  1. Hi, I need to have a fpv sys that has to cover 5 km distance with HD video . I have been looking at Connex HD and Lightbridge 2 sys. But they both come with omni directional antennas and well below my requirement. Is it possible to change the antennas (Both tx and rx) and get the range increased at least to 5 km? Problem is I need to be able to clearly identify small objects like wild life on ground. That is why video quality needs to be HD or very close to that.

  2. They left out the best : Pagoda.

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