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Top 5 Best FPV Acro 250 Frames – April 2016

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http://bti-defence.com/iag/ This Top 5 is created through:

  • Personal experience with the frame
  • Reviews throughout the community
  • General consensus on Forum threads
  • Features of the frame

go here Please if you have any alterations which you feel should be made we would love it if you commented as we regularly update this top 5.

Alien 5″ FPV Frame

go here 0000400_alien-5-fpv-frameAt the top of our list remains the frame that changed it all. Soma from ImpulseRC took his already inspired design for the Warp quad and made it into an FPV frame. Supposedly he spent 6 months designing the thing and we are glad to say that the effort has paid off. Now easily one of the top FPV frames out there, it has some really key design features which set it apart from the rest: the arms for example all rest against one another so that in a crash the stress is spread. Other features include easy board camera mounting, as well as a really well designed integrated PDB.

Dquad RefleX

http://www.elettrosmosi.it/?pifiods=fare-forex-investendo-1euro&0f4=f3 reflex_5inchStealing the limelight from Lumenier is the Dquad Reflex, this beast of a frame has a PDB similar to that of the blackout, it stretches the full length of the craft, making it just a little stronger than the Alien. Now many of you ask why we don’t put QAV race blad in second and the main reason for that is the strength issues it has been plagued with and the fact we genuinely believe there are better frames out there; just because Luminer is on of the biggest drone companies doesn’t mean it is the best, we will always chose the best frames at Drone Insider.  Anyway that being said the Reflex also features a camera mount with easily adjustable camera angle, meaning that you can find the perfect angle for your flying! However, the arm mounting mechanism is slightly different from the Alien, as there is slightly less contact area and it creates a square in the middle.  With the likes of Boris B rocking this frame, we sure think that this frame is here to stay.

ShenDrones Krieger

http://stadsmagasinet.se/blog/tag/android/ Studio_Session-011_a01e2292-57e5-4610-9c92-49db72e0eee0_1024x1024Like all of Andy Shen’s brilliant the creations the Shendrone’s Krieger was not simply a sketched up and send off to China affair. No. Mr Shen painstakingly designs version and versions of his frames, all with completely novel ideas, until they are perfect. The Krieger is a prime example of this passion and workmanship. It is sturdy and can weather any crash as well as the next quad. Gopro mounting is surprisingly easy but not a walk in the park, and if built correctly you will find all of your components housed comfortably. The DTF200 model spins 5″ props while the DTF225 spins 5″ or 6″ props, and they weigh 104g and 110g respectively. Both sport 4mm arms and FPV cam tilt angle is adjustable without tools. The only issue we have is the exposure of battery as any bad crash will render you with a LiPo fire at worst and a ripped connector at best. However, we do realise that when it comes to quads of this design that tends to be the nature of the beast.

ZMR X-210

guadagnare quando tocca un valore opzioni 20160224155524-1470This is a great budget frame available from fpvmodel.com. It features an X shaped frame, this means the mass is more centralised, and thus the quad will flip quicker. In addition it features 4mm arms, strong enough for those of you who hit the ground hard. One neat feature we like is the optional use of the bottom plate, for minimising weight you can simply not use it and many in the racing community choose not to in order to make arm change overs as quick as possible and to reduce weight. FPV model say The ZMR-X210 is an evolution of the ZMR design, in keeping up with the changing times this ZMR was re-worked from the ground up. We are not just modifying the arms to give a “X” type of layout, we have re-worked it entirely to provide what the modern user wants.  However, if you want the best strength you can include it. We love this as you can use this quad as both as a race and Acro frame. The best part however is the price, only $53!!

The MQC One

source site MQC-ONE-BUILD1The MQC One is the perfection of the classic H Quad. It features rounded arms, which help reduce stress on key components in crashes. Other frames feature sharp edges on key components, which act as stress risers which increases the risk of breaking carbon components in a crash. In addition, the MQC One offers full lifetime warranting on all carbon parts, so if you are unlucky enough to break an arm, you are covered. Nifty features such as holes for battery straps and SMA Extension make this the ultimate frame for those who want to run the tried and tested ‘H Quad’. Many people email us saying that we should get ride of the MQC, but we at Drone Insider still credit it’s reliablity and solid design.

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