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Top 5 Best Flight Controllers – 2017

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opzione binarie iq option Over 6 month after our June Top 5 Best Flight Controllers 2016, we have finally updated this list. Before you guys go mad on the comments section we have tried to make this one more well rounded taking into account other features bar just brute force CPU power, especially as the argument still rages on the internet whether there is actually a noticeable difference between F1 and F3 let alone F4.

go to site Once again this list is was compiled from:

  • Personal experience with the flight Controllers
  • Months of research
  • Pages and pages of feed back from readers and others throughout the community.

ATTENZIONE! source linkption - Dunque è una truffa? Si tratta di un broker sicuro ed affidabile o è una truffa? Leggi prima di Iscriverti! If you disagree with our list feel free to comment below, we are always editing and changing them.

http://bowlnorthway.com/?jisdjd=opzioni-in-borsa&2c6=70 go to site D rencontre femme juive isclaimer: we have not included the Raceflight Revolt because despite the fact that many have said it is a good controller we disagree with their conduct within the hobby and the community

PyroDrone HyperLite F4

http://libraryinthesky.org/?bioeser=como-conocer-a-una-chica-que-no-conoces&0cb=e5 The Hyperlite offers the pinnacle of flight controller performance, for a very reasonable price. The Hyperlite is designed by community member FPV Kebab, which ensures all necessary performance features are included in the board. Such as 6000 series SPI gyro, SBus inverter and a small blackbox chip. However, the board is lacking some features such as a built in bec or an sd card slot for blackbox logging. Despite this, it still contains all essentials for the best performance, and the bare bones nature ensures that the cost is extremely low. Another benefit is that since it is based off the CC3D Revo, it is compatible with Raceflight.

MotoLab Temptest

http://unikeld.nu/?ioweo=documenti-da-presentare-per-opzioni-binarie&f05=ff The MotoLab Tempest is an evolution of the Tornado and Cyclone. What makes the Temptest stand out is the inbuilt PDB which reduces the complexity, size and weight of the multicopter core and simplify construction. It is currently running on our RDQ 182 and it performs brilliantly. Though the DTFc is another great option for an all in one flight controller, we prefer the temptest because of its (in our opinion) superior layout. The Tempest uses the same STM32F3 CPU with ARM-Cortex M4 core and floating-point coprocessor as the previous cyclone for more efficient execution of fast-looptime control algorithms, along with the low-noise MPU-6000 SPI-bus gyro chip for faster acquisition of gyro data. The PWM outputs are bidirectional, and the board is compatible with BLHeli ESC pass through programming through the USB port using BLHeliSuite.

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Rotorgeeks SSD

This is the latest flight controller in the rotorgeeks line, and it could be the replacement for the very popular X-RACER F303 flight control board due to its highly competitive price and space for onboard storage. It is currently only $29.99, which is only a dollar more expensive than the F303 V3.1. But you may be asking yourself, why another F3 board? An F3 board in some ways is more capable. It can still run 8khz 8khz with DSHOT 600 firmware on your esc’s, and the f3 chip according to rotorgeeks is up to the job. Why would you want an SSD slot for your flight controller? Well quite simply its for black box, with an SSD you can wip it out download your data in a few seconds (no more 3 hour wait times for the F303) and get your data into betaflight. Finally, while most flight controllers are derived from the old Naze 32 architecture, the SSD was designed from the ground up using the larger 64 pin package allowing 5 serial ports and other increased flexibility.

KISS FC – 32bit Flight Controller

kiss flight controllerThe Kiss Flight controller, though we still like it very much, has dropped because we feel it’s falling slightly behind the newest competition. However, Flyduino have still done an incredible job. It’s simple and does everything you need it to do. In true Kiss fashion it comes with its’ own custom firmware making it easy to use. In Flyduino’s own words ‘The software setup side is reduced as far we can, many things are already taken in to account for you, if you bring some solid soldering skills you should be able to build your quad pretty quick.’  To put it bluntly there is a reason many of the top pilots flywith the Kiss, it has proven to be simply ahead of the competition in many respects.

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The Omnibus F4 V2 is another highly capable F4 flight controller. It has a number of features that the aforementioned Hyperlite F4 lacks. For example it has an SD card slot, perfect if you are interested in logging your blackbox files to assist in your tuning. However, its most valuable feature is the inbuilt OSD, which is compatible with betaflight. This is perfect for those of you who like to see all the valuable information such as battery voltage and a flight timer in your goggles. The increased capabilities of this board do reflect in its higher price, at $45 it is one of the most expensive boards in this top 5.




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  1. Can you explain a little more why the Revolt is not on there? I do have the revolt, and a few f3 board that i do enjoy flying. Thanks for the lists, it helps me keep up with new products coming out.

  2. Hi guys!

    What is the best flight controller to use with Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

    Thanks in advance, Nicholls

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