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Top 5 Coolest Drones – CES 2016


ehang4Featuring 8 massive electric motors this awesome personal drone can fly up to 60mph for 20 minutes at an altitude of 11,000ft. The whole thing flies through a computer, you can use its mobile app to tell it where you want to go. An EHANG command centre keeps track of all the EHANGs in the air and there is full encryption on everything to make sure people don’t start delivering you to different places. It has all the necessary safety features including motor redundancy. It is expected to cost somewhere between $200,000-300,000. But for such a cool ride that’s more than a price worth paying. The biggest barriers to its success are current battery technology which is limiting its’ flight time, as well as FAA approval.

Parrot Disco

Parrot-Disco-Drone-980x600In true Parrot fashion, they have taken something which is a staple of the RC hobby and made it part of the consumer market. They did for the drone with the Parrot AR and now they have done it with the flying wing. This means a long flight time of 45 minutes and can go up to 50mph. It is made as user friendly as possible, to take off you simply throw it in the air and a computer takes care of everything else; with a very much point and shoot style of flying, an on board flight controller takes cares of all the nitty gritty. Fully FPV capable and comes plug and play this will certainly be a consumer favourite in parks all around the world. Let’s just hope they don’t do anything stupid and further ruin the hobby for everyone else.

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Powerup FPV

PowerUp-FPVEver wanted to fly a paper plane? Well if so you’re in luck!!! Power up has created a kind of FPV pod which connects to your phone and a lensed head set for the full FPV experience. A computer keeps the plane in the air and you can fly if you choose!! It can fly up to 20mph and has 10 hours of battery life. Powerup offers a racing package which comes with 6 drones and head mounted displays for $1000 or you can buy just for $180. It should be out in June!!

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Yuneec Typhoon H

490198-yuneec-typhoon-hIntel has partnered with Yuneec to make one of the first drones with a sense and avoid system!! It has an Intel Real sense camera which is completely separate to the main gimbal mounted 4K camera. Supposedly the Typhoon can avoid objects and collisions more accurately than any other sense and avoid system out there right now without any pilot input. We’re not quite sure what happens if the real sense camera is pointing the opposite direction. Anyway presuming it works the base model with set you back $1799 (and that’s excluding the real sense camera!!!!) If you want the sense and avoid then it is expected to be $2K+!!!

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Fleye Drone
body_whiteThe Fleye is a drone where all the moving parts are enclosed inside a white ball. It only weighs a pound and is aimed primarily at indoor use. The problem is it only has 10 mins of flight time, but it’s pretty nimble and fun to fly. It’s fully FPV capable and flying an orb through ones home FPV has hours of entertainment attached to it, but how your meant to keep your orientation of a spherical drone when flying LOS is beyond us but nevertheless it will be interesting to see if it takes off. However considering it costs $1200 we’re not betting on it!!

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