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Top 5 Best Video Transmitters (5.8GHz) – 2017

TBS Unify Pro

As per usual TBS have managed to create the best of the best in the miniquad hobby. The TBS Unify, though expensive has proven itself highly capable since it first came out. Its main features include: SmartAudio V2 – allows you to connect the VTX to your FC, and change VTX settings with your radio TX and OSD as well as Selectable output power between 25mW, 200mW, 500mW and 800Mw. Finally a small point, but the SMA pigtail is attached with U.FL connector allowing easy replacement as well as ensuring that the VTX isn’t ruined in a bad crash. It should be noted there are different versions of Unify Pro:

  • V2 ($40) – Output power 25mW to 800mW, but only accepts 5V input strictly
  • HV ($50) – Output power 25mW to 800mW, and accepts 2S-6S LiPo input (up to 25.2V)
  • Race ($30) – Output power 25mW to 200Mw (for race regulations), and accepts 2S-6S LiPo input (up to 25.2V)

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Tramp HV VTX by ImmersionRC

ImmersionRC used to be the best of the best when it came to VTX’s a couple of years ago. Then it seemed they spent more time developing the Vortex than new VTX and they fell behind a little. But! Never fear they are back at it and using their old expertise to bring you the very best. The Tramp has proven to be a more than capable VTX featuring many of the same features as the Unify as well as allowing wide range of input voltage directly from LiPo (2S to 6S 22.2V) as well as supporting 48 channels (8 more than the Unify). The TNR wand (touch and race), a remote that configures your VTX settings without touching the transmitter (purchase separately) is particularly useful for meets. The TNR wand makes the Tramp more convenient to use and allows you to change VTX channel, frequency and power without touching the transmitter at all (if you don’t use the Taranis / LUA script hack this is a good solution).

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Mach 1 Video Transmitter – 25/200/600mw VTX by RDQ

Our old friends at RDQ are not afraid to push the boundaries of the Multirotor world. They did it with the RDQ182 and now they are doing it with the Mach 1 VTX. What makes the RDQ so great well as RDQ write themselves:

The Mach 1 VTX, by RaceDayQuads, is truly a product built from the ground up by pilots for pilots. This video transmitter is extremely high quality, has pre-tinned direct solder pads for fast setup and repair, variable power output of 0/25/200/600mw, 7v-24v power input with onboard filtering, a u.fl connection AND the ability to solder your own antenna,

As well as this it includes some very unique and ultimately useful features including direct solder pads! So no more tiny Chinese connectors which smash with every crash.

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Eachine VTX03 Super Mini VTX

Eachine like many Chinese drone companies have had a rocky start into the industry.  Initially running the (arguably successful) business model of simply rebranding well known technology and making it for a cheaper price. They are now following in the footsteps of EMAX and breaking some incredible ground. The VTX03 is a realisation of this new strategy featuring, 72 channels, Tiny and low weights: under 3g, Power switchable: 0mW, 25mW, 50mW and 200mW and Built-in U.FL connector rather than SMA. The only drawback is you can only power the VTX03 with filtered 5V (input voltage 3.5V-5.5V). However, this isn’t really an issue considering you can use tap the same power conduit as the FC.

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The TS5828L

The TS5828L is the best when it comes to cheap and cheerful, there’s no messing around when it comes to the VTx it works and does everything you want it to cheaply and easily. The TS5828L itself is very light weight, however it does get very hot during use so we strongly suggest you only power it for a small duration on the ground. We have already blown 1 up from overheating. Given the price though we are very impressed by what it has to offer. At this point at Drone Insider we are pretty much treating VTXs as a commodity,  and so the cheater the better. If we know we will be flying close to use we do go for the 200mw budget transmitter, but this is still our favourite for its rock solid video quality. Its light weight and fits perfectly in tight builds like our Atom, Shrieker and SCX racer and if you pick up 3 or 4 of the button or dip switch versions of this transmitter you will not be disappointed.

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  1. I know you could argue for other VTXs, but I think you missed on the Matek VTX-HV. It handles 6s, has direct-solder through holes, and implements Tramp SmartAudio protocol. Plus it has 30.5mm mounting holes to sit on the main stack, so if you have the room it avoids having to mount it under the main plate. It’s only $5 more than the RDQ, so I would suggest it beats it out pretty handily.

    • The problem I see with the matek VTX, is that it is very good on paper, but it has not had the opportunity to be tested. Despite it being released around the same time as the RDQ mach 1 VTX, RDQ have made a name for themselves in this hobby for releasing very high quality, well tested and durable products. Matek on the other hand, despite making some good products, do not have the same levels of quality control, especially since they are new to the VTX game, I would definitely trust RDQ more. My guess is that if this list was released in a month or so when the matek VTX was able to be properly field tested by lots of pilots, then it may have made it onto the list, but due to the unknown nature of the VTX, it probably just missed out.

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