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Top 5 Best On Screen Displays (OSDs)

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osdoge-top2_1OSDoge OSD

see The OSDoge is designed specifically for the naze and is intended it be the ultimate solution to miniquad OSDs. It has a dual function of being an OSD and PDB and comes with 12v and 5v clean power supplies for your FPV camera and VTX as well as an Onboard LC power filter in order to clean your power supply. The OSDoge has pin holes which allows you stack your naze directly onto it, this is good for quads which have low profiles in tight builds where the receiver has to be crammed on top of the FC. There is also a USB port for for flashing alternative firmware. It is worth noting that the OSDoge is one of the more advanced OSDs on this list. However, it is also compatible with the Naze32, meaning that its uses with other flight controllers are limited.

RROSD-1.3-top-800x600RROSD Pro Mini PDB

click The RROSD PRO PDB is an all-in-one mini OSD-PDB board designed for the mini-quad community. Many people like it due to its simplicity meaning that it is easier for the novices. The RROSD plays the dual role of being a power distribution board as well as an OSD. This allows you to slim down your build by not having to run an extra PDB. Unlike the OSDoge the RROSD can take all the way up to a 6S lipo meaning you are not limited by 4S, which is particularly good for larger quads. There is also frsky telemetry meaning you will never fly your quad too far away. There are also some unique features including a lap counter meaning you can track your FPV races with ease.

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follow The MinimOSD has been around for years now as an open source OSD. Indeed there have been many different firmwares floating around for both APM/Pixhawk use as well as Clean/Beta/Baseflight. MinimOSD-extra is designed for use with the APM, where Team KVOSD, and more recently MWOSD (the one we recommend you use), is used for Cleanflight and Betaflight. There are now also 2 variants of the OSD. The regular MinimOSD is significantly larger than its smaller ‘Micro’ brother, despite this the only difference is that the ‘Micro’ Minim does not include a 5v regulator. However the 5v regulator is hardly ever used in the regular sized Minim as it regularly failed. We have used the Micro MinimOSD in our RotorX atom with the PDB from Sputnik. With a little electronics knowledge it is very easy to get off the ground with this OSD, and it’s perfect for 180 or smaller sized builds. The best part is the price; it can be had for as little at $8. An FTDI adapter is needed though to program it.

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Vector-full-wires-900x900Eagle Tree Vector

go site The Eagle Tree Vector is very much an option for larger quads as it is a high end combination of a fully functional flight controller and a colour OSD. Perhaps the greatest drawing point is its simplicity to setup. All of the setup can be completed using the OSD, meaning there is no need to connect to a computer to change anything, (although you can, if you prefer to). We use ours to fly a Skywalker 1900 as well as a Cinetank Mk2, it works flawlessly on both craft, especially on the Skywalker where we have flown up to 4 miles away. However the GPS Hold positions leave a lot to be desired, especially on multirotor mode, and its lack of any waypoint capabilities is a shame given almost every other flight controller on the market has waypoint functionality.

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quadrevo_powerosd_pro-leadPowerOSD PRO

http://www.chezlucas.fr/?rtywwew=rencontre-jeune-celibataire&9f3=40 The PowerOSD Pro is a mini power distribution board with built-in SMART OSD functionality. Completely developed in the U.S and backed by QuadRevo support. Every unit gets tested in the U.S prior to packaging and shipment, this means that they are highly reliable.  The PowerOSD Pro is designed to be completely plug and play meaning that there is no hooking up to the computer and flashing with firmware. Interestingly there is an onboard 10V* regulator for the video transmitter and FPV camera, this has several key advantages as it means it is still step down even on 3S but it is still enough to power a camera and/or VTX, theoretically this should lead to a cleaner power signal when running 3S.

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