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Top 5 Best Racing Quad Frames – April 2016

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get link This Top 5 is created through:

  • Personal experience with the frame
  • Reviews throughout the community
  • General consensus on Forum threads
  • Features of the frame

60 sekunden handeln Please if you have any alterations which you feel should be made we would love it if you commented as we regularly update this top 5.

IMG_3333_LoBlackbolt XBR

Part time study edinburgh This is a truly novel design from Blackbolt. It features a unique unibody design, it has the regular “X” shape but also a box surrounding it for extra reinforcement, which has the added of benefit of encouraging the quad to roll during a crash, which is an excellent way to dissipate the Energy during a crash. Not only this but it has a number of 3d printed “hoods” are available online for no additional cost, which tailor to the builder’s specific electronics and preference for the amount of tilt on the camera. The build is very tight and its strongly recommended to use a MiniNaze, we at DroneInsider think this is the one down point of this frame as the Naze is old now and we would prefer to use a newer F3 board. Using a standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm board is possible but it does make the build significantly harder. Finally, it is only 220mm diagonally and can run 6” propellers stock, generally thought to be the best size for racing.

quarterX-Labs Shrike

super alertspro opzioni binarie The shrike is a great “X” quad that really packs a punch for its small 185mm size. It runs 5” props and comes with a nicely designed PDB, which has inbuilt 5v and 12v regulators. The build is tough as you would expect of a true racing machine, and we would not recommend trying to add an action camera onto the quad, however it is possible with a number of 3d printed designs available on thingiverse. The advantage we feel this frame has over the XBR is that it is designed to use a full size flight controller.


source The Mixsuko from ShenDrones is a pure, plain and simple race quad. With no bells and whistles this frame is designed to get you from A to B as fast as possible. Mixuko is a 196mm X quad for 5″ props, with a 4mm monoplate. Mixuko is a pure race quad, designed specifically to NOT carry an HD cam. (Get a Krieger if you want to go fast and let the world know about your awesomeness.). This sums up the Mitsuko very well, we featured the Krieger (the Mitsuko’s older brother) in our Best FPV Acro quads April 2016 and know we have. We like how FPV cam angle is adjustable without tools using a friction fit system. It should be noted that with such a tight build the recommended VTXs should be used. Frame weight 79g making it still light and the high quality 4mm Shen Drones carbon should mean that this quad will be crashing into trees for many months to come.


go here The SCX-200 X-Quad Racer Kit by MPBIV on the Flight Test Forums is a brilliant dedicated racing quad. It is currenlty cut and stocked by Armattan. It is designed specifically for the HS117 Board Camera which is a firm favourite of community and like any racing quad should be it is light weight and durable.  With a build this tight we would recommend building it with something like the Singularity F3 flight controller as this would greatly clean up the build and reduce weight, however if you do decide to use an external TX than the tutorial on the Armattan page  gives you quite a good demonstration on how to mount it. The 4mm bottom plate and 2mm top plate also means that you are unlikely to be smashing up this frame anytime soon. This quad does feature holes at the end of each arm so if you are the type to mount the ESCs on the bottom of the arm, then these holes will help protect your motors wires from a bad crash.


MXP 200BMXP 200B – Racing edition

opcje binarne top 10 MXP were looking to make a dedicated racing frame and they created the MXP200B! They aim to be lightweight and strong and with AUW: 270g including all electronics (Not including GoPro or Battery), it certainly seems that (at least on paper) they achieved this. They go on to say that the frame is easy to build while also protecting the electronics inside. The Frame was designed with help from the racing pilot ‘Bapu’ (yes we think it sounds like Charpu too). This has been receiving positive reviews from the community and featured heavily in the Drone World Grand Prix. The MXP is very durable and simple to use and has proven itself in the racing community. The only issues we have with it is the difficulty of the build which can be quick tight if you are not experienced.



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