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Top 5 Best Power Distribution Boards (PDB’s) – August 2017

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http://frenoaltiempo.com/?q=viagra-legality-uk Now many you maybe thinking that PDB’s are no longer needed with the prevalence of all in ones but for those who don’t want a stripped down race quad or they want something just a little more simple PDBs can be an excellent choice. Below are some of the best ones we’ve tried at Drone Insider.


do i need a prescription to order viagra online Matek’s latest Power Distribution Board (PDB) is perfect for the majority of FPV quads. It’s rated for up to 6S batteries and 184a of current (way more than you’ll ever need), as well as this, the PDB is built to last! It features a current sensor, so you can see the amount of current you’re pulling, as well as a 5v and 10v BEC. All of this is neatly built in, with thought given to wire management as well as other components. And it is all done at a reasonable price.

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Diatone Power HUB / PDB with 5V &12V Output

http://cersnow.com/?q=viagra-norwich This is the Cheapest PDB one can buy on the market with BECs. Diatone are known for their low-cost approach to the hobby and the Diatone Power HUB is no different. Though it doesn’t have any fancy design or badges, the Power Hub will still do the job and its slim factor allows for a light and clean build. It allows for an Input Voltage: 11.1V (3S LiPo), 14.8V (4S LiPo), 22.2V (6S LiPo) and the BECs Output Voltage: 5V, 12V 500mA (4S LiPo), 200mA (6S LiPo).

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The RROSD PRO PDB is an all-in-one mini OSD-PDB board designed for the mini-quad community. Many people like it due to its simplicity meaning that it is easier for the novices. The RROSD plays the dual role of being a power distribution board as well as an OSD. This allows you to slim down your build by not having to run an extra PDB. Unlike the OSDoge the RROSD can take all the way up to a 6S lipo meaning you are not limited by 4S, which is particularly good for larger quads. There is also frsky telemetry meaning you will never fly your quad too far away. There are also some unique features including a lap counter meaning you can track your FPV races with ease.

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The PowerOSD Pro is a mini power distribution board with built-in SMART OSD functionality. Completely developed in the U.S and backed by QuadRevo support. Every unit gets tested in the U.S prior to packaging and shipment, this means that they are highly reliable.  The PowerOSD Pro is designed to be completely plug and play meaning that there is no hooking up to the computer and flashing with firmware. Interestingly there is an onboard 10V* regulator for the video transmitter and FPV camera, this has several key advantages as it means it is still step down even on 3S but it is still enough to power a camera and/or VTX, theoretically this should lead to a cleaner power signal when running 3S.




Lumenier 4Power Quick Swap Power Distribution

For first time builders who are scared of soldering or want an easy road into the hobby. As it was created by Lumenier it can be guaranteed to be well made but also cost a pretty penny. It works well and does the job which is needed. Though there are some draw backs. Much of the PDB still needs to be soldered and also despite the relatively high price the PDB does not come with any voltage regulators making it a pain for those who want to run FPV equipment. Add to this it should be noted that screwing in connectors is a sure fire way to guarantee loose connections and are notoriously weak when it comes to crash tolerance. All in all though a good PDB for a very specific demographic, there are better options out there.

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