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Top 5 Best Motors January 2016


Check out our latest Top 5 best Miniquad Motors – June

Lumenier RX2206 2350kv

These are Lumenier’s complete redesign of 22XX sized motor. Imagine getting a big solid engine with a lot of potential then strapping a massive supercharger onto it; that is exactly what Lumenier have done here. In Lumenier’s own words “This Lumenier RX2206-11 2350Kv motor has been engineered from the ground up, and it is the perfect blend of elegant design and high end performance……An ultra-lightweight, black anodized, low profile, flanged aluminum lock nut is also included with each motor ensuring your propellers do not come loose during flight.” Now used by the pros like Mr Steele and FGA in their latest videos these motors certainly have a lot to give!

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Rotorgeeks 2204 2300kv

RG 2204-2300 side-800x600These relativily new motors from Rotorgeeks have proven themselves to the be the answer to Cobra’s legendary 2204(5) 2300 which have been a staple of the high end FPV market for a while now. However, with Cobra currently suffering from very poor quality control these little beauties from Rotorgeeks could not have come at a better time. They may not be the fastest (though many argue they are faster than Cobras) and they not be the most premium but if they are from Rotorgeeks you can guarrantee that they will be soild and reliable. Daniel overthere runs a tight ship and never sends out a bad product!


RCX_H2205_2633kv_Close_Up_a4d9ce17-a76b-46af-93f1-d990fee205e3_grandeRCX 2205 2633Kv

These are the cheapest motors available on this list but be careful not to underestimate them. They match cobra thrust tests and even in some cases exceed their given thrust numbers. unlike other cheap motors all RCXs come balanced out of the shop meaning you should be set to fly!However be warned they can draw in excess of 30A and there have been issues with bells flying off in the lightest of crashes.  Although, considering the price, you can buy 8 motors for the price of couple of high end tigers. And unlike other cheap motors all RCXs come balanced out of the shop meaning you should be set to fly!


2206_2000KVXNova 2206 2000kv

XNova have been known in the 3D Heli world for excellent performance and solid reliability. It is therefore no surprise to anyone that their miniquad motors pack a punch. Thrust tests indicate a maximum thrust of 1141g on 6045 triblades, whilst also staying at very low temperatures. Perfect for those who want to push their 6” setups to the limits. These new motors certainly look promising and will keep the Cobra and Tiger looking over their shoulders for some time to come!

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1_3_22Emax RS2205

We at drone insider were thoroughly unimpressed with the thrust numbers from our old Emax 2206, as well as issues with durability. However these new Emax’s have big potential from the thrust numbers we have seen plus initial reports seem promising in terms of overall relability and build quality. Producing over 1kg of thrust on a 5045 Bullnose propeller on 4s at 2300kv these might even out perform Cobra motors. In addition there is an option for both 2300 and 2600kv, perfect for 5″ and 4” setups respectively. Or if your crazy and own some hefty ESCs you can just go 2600kv and use any prop you please.

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Emax thrust test

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