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Top 5 Best Motors 120-180 Class

http://jwsmith.net/?piderees=preguntas-para-conocer-a-las-mujeres&a6d=de March 19, 2016 Motors

go here binäre optionen 60 sekunden video RCX 1407 3800kv

agendar citas iess en linea RCX07-404-H1407-3200KV-Micro-Outrunner-Brushless-Motor-02If you want to be the fasted on with you Shrieker or Atom, then these are the motors for you. They are only 1g heavier than your standard 1306s and like all things in life bigger is always better. The wider and taller motor gives you more torque and the higher KV gives you more RPM – in other words MORE POWER!!! They also use the same mounting as 1306s so you don’t have to worry about drilling your frame and giving yourself cancer!!! A couple of things to watch out for with these are: firstly, watch out for the extra amp draw especially on small PDBs and ESCs you could be burning stuff out and you will get shorter flight times Secondly, they are more weight and so crashes could be a little more expensive. All in all, these are really good motors for anything from 120 size to 180 and will leave your opponents in the dust for a long while and best of all they are only $11.99!!!!

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Cobra 1806 2800kv

click cm1806-2800If you’ve been looking to super charge you 180 build, well then cobra now have the answer with these new Cobra 1806s. We wrote an article on these when they first came out a couple of months ago and they have really kicked off. These are the first sub 22xx motors which Cobra have made. It is real testament to the new popularity of 180s that even the top motor manufactures are now building 1806s. Previously seen as ‘beginner’ motors 1806s are currently experiencing a renaissance in terms of popularity. Many pilots hoping to switch to 180s have found 1306s too weak and 2204s too hefty. The answer is the middling 1806s. So far these have received fairly positive reviews from the community, however many are questioning whether expensive motors can be justified as Chinese manufactures like RCX continue to snap at the heels of companies like Cobra and Lumenier.

http://gedoemanagement.nl/piyede/9129 fille rencontre senegal RotorX 1105B 6500kV

RX1105_1024x1024These are the best motors for those who like to build light. They were primarily designed as a boost for those who flew the RotorX Atom on 2s. However, we have found them to provide a great thrust radio on 3s and those who were crazy will love their 4s performance, but we warned, 4s is not covered under warranty. The biggest issue with these is the price which is $17, we feel that that is just excessive for such small motors.  The ideal frame for these would be the Sputnik, as it is extremely light and a compact build. Our calculations show a possible 8:1 thrust ratio! While remaining under 150g AUW. One final thing WHY HAS HE PUT BULLETS on motors for a micro quad?????

الخيارات الثنائية الاسلامية Rctimer FR1806 2600KV

29478381333442a5RCTimer have recently revamped there whole brushless motor section for racing and we have to say it’s paying off. These new FPV motors have been getting good reviews and they are starting to outstrip Cobras in terms of thrust. They use much higher quality magnets than they used as well high quality Japanese ball bearings so they have a long life time. They also feature a 12mm and 16mm mounting holes, meaning they will fit fine on a 120 sized quad as well as 180. There have been rumours that the design of the motor bell is interfering with cooling, however, we have yet to verify these claims. All things considered however these are very good motors.


follow The RCX 1304 4100kv

RCX07-432-RCX-H1304-4000KV-Multirotor-Brushless-Motor-for-120-150-Frame-01 (2)These are a rather funky motor size from RCX, the maker of almost every stator size in existence. They claim to have greatly improved thrust (224g on 3s 3020) over the 1104/5 class, as well as the use of “7075 CNC Material”(why not just say aluminium?) and are “machine balanced” although they do weigh 1.5g more. As these motors have just arrived we have not got our full impressions yet on their performance, however we are confident they can hold their own against the more expensive competition of the RotorX motors. Although credit to RotorX for bringing these smaller quads to the market as they are so much fun!

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  1. I always love to read here before I buy and normally it works out pretty good. On the Cobra 1806 motors though there is an issue. The shaft is to brittle and when they cut the notch for the C-clip it gets even weaker leading to chipping and breaking on a simple crash throwing the bell housing off. Innov8tive design is aware of the issue now and is working on a fix.

  2. “Why not just say aluminum” 7075 aluminum is really strong and light, a true aircraft grade. I’m pretty sure it has to be CNC’d and cannot be casted as well so by saying it’s 7075 you’re not only stating it’s a superior metal you’re also letting the consumer know they used a superior manufacturing process.

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