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Top 5 Best Miniquad Motors September 2017

click here September 16, 2017 Electronics, Flying

HyperLite 2307 2522kV

follow With such a large stator, you might have thought the Hyperlite 2307 would be an extremely heavy motor. But you would be wrong. At 30.4g it is extremely light compared to other motors of its size, they kept the weight down by using a naked bottom and titanium shaft. They also use a 16x16mm mounting bracket on the base, this is supposed to help make frame design easier and it certainly makes more sense than the 19x16mm we are used to. All in all the Hyperlite series of motors continue to push the boundaries of the hobby and the 2307 is the best motor out there, if your batteries can handle the pounding!

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MB Primo 2207 2450kV

follow url Multicopter Builders have been in the miniquad scene for a while now, and back in early 2015 we built Epic 280 from them. Now they have started commissioning their own motors from brotherhobby and they have produced this 2207 beast. They weigh a respectable 30g, and produce some of the highest thrust numbers we have seen yet. On a kingkong 6×4 they produce over 1731g, at the cost of 40A at full throttle. We expect the higher 2650kV variant to hit over 1800g, however this will of course come in at again a higher amp draw. They are also an excellent choice for 5S or even 6S setups, as the taller stator will help with heat dissipation.

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RCX RS2206 V3

Binary options trading formula education RCX are known for making every stator size in existence as well as for cheap and cheerful motors. The RS 2206 V3 are a notable exception to this rule; as they are some of the cheapest yet powerful 2206s around. At only $11 they are perfect for the flier on the budget, and the N52SH magnets and Japanese EZO bearing prove they are excellent bang for the buck. In our experience MyRcMart have been one of the quickiest Chinese retailers when it comes to shipping. Unfortunately there is one big drawback to these motors, the fact they still use a C clip to secure the shaft. But for $11 you can’t go wrong.

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  1. What about the zmx fin motors?

  2. C-Clips are easy if you have the technique.

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