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Top 5 Best Miniquad Motors – June 2016

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It has been almost 6 months since our last Top 5 motors and things have changed quite considerably since then. The Dominance of the US motor manufactures has been out done by ever growing Chinese QC and various innovations.

It was a shame to not see more American motor companies on this list, but we looked long and hard and we felt that Cobra and Luminier were simply not up to it.

Disclaimer: Most of the motors we have added to this list are in the 2300kv class simply because we feel that give the optimum between thrust, torque and efficiency. If you feel you want a higher or lower KV then most of these motors have other varients.

P_20160307_141029_1024x1024ZMX v2 2205 2300kv

Getting the prestigious first place spot on our list are the brand new ZMX V2 2205 2300kv. When developing these motors Silver Drone did what every good manufacturer does and took everything which was great about the V1s and reworked the few bad ones, to create a truly brilliant motor. The bell design has been changed for mainly cosmetic reasons but behind the bell there are some significant upgrades. The magnets have been updated to N52 super high temp curved magnets that have been custom developed for Silver-Drone, making it the only motor on the market (to our knowledge which uses these thinner high temp N52s). The thinner magnets means that it weighs a mere 26g, making it perfect for shaving that precious weight when it comes to FPV. These motors are designed to be self repairable meaning that you can keep them going for a while, however, it is worth watching for any vertical play in the bell as there have been reports of the screw loosening resulting in the bell coming off mid-flight, which is not a fun experience.

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SE2205 PRO 2300KV

Next up we have the the SE2205 Pros from DYS. In recent months DYS have had a lot of success with their new crop of motors, due to their high quality bearings as well innovations including the new N52 magnet and 0.2mm lamination Hollow shaft pro adapters, which help to save weight. This second generation of DYS motors has seen very high quality control, helping to increase continuity in terms of motor performance. The SE2205s like all Chinese motors are priced competitively and so far feed back from the community has been solid, with praising the high quality of the windings. The motor’s weight comes in at just under 30g, making them pretty standard in the class, however it more than makes up this in thrust, pulling 1.1kg+ in thrust on static thrust test. For this motor we do recommend the 2300kv version as we have heard reports that the higher kv has been loosing thrust on larger props. What makes the SE2205s stand out most is the lack of motor wires. Instead of the traditional 3 wires coming out of the motor base, which often easily break not to mention are a pain to solder on tight builds, DYS fixes this problem with solder pads at the base of the motor. Not only does this make them significantly stronger than their counter parts, it also means makes builds much cleaner, as well as changing motor direction easier. We do recommend using liquid electrical tap to insulate the joints however, because they are extremely close to the carbon fibre arms and could short through the frame.

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1_3_22Emax RS2205

Next up we have an old favourite of ours the Emax RS2205. It is fair to say that when these came out last January they shook the miniquad world quite considerably and paved the way for Chinese motor dominance. Not only were these half the price of the Cobras (the dominant motor at the time) they also did incredibly well in thrust producing over 1kg of thrust on a 5045 Bullnose propeller on 4s at 2300kv. What make the Emax’s so special is their cooling red bottoms, now despite what you might think this ins’t just some hollow selling point, its legitimate design feature, and allows the motors to sustain a high amp draw without getting too warm. The advantage of this is it keeps the magnets cool, meaning they don’t loose power and demagnetize. One issue which many motors face especially on when running 3 or 4 bladed props is they steadily loose torque due to the higher temperatures caused by the amp draw, this manifests itself in a loss of thrust. Cooling is often an important yet under rated quality in a motor, so it is nice to see Emax placing so much importance on it.

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Thrust Data is available here.

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T-Motor F60 2207 2200kvf60-3

For those of you who like to fly bigger quads these are for you. Tiger, another Chinese company, has been in the multirotor industry for years now and has always prided itself on its high quality. For a while they ignored they miniquad game, but this year they have come in guns blazing with a whole new crop of high quality motors, designed specifically for FPV users. This is their big motor made more for 6″ rocket ships as well as GT quads. We decided to include the 2200kv motors on our list, as they already give you 1500g of thrust on 6″ but also give you some efficiency. If you are crazy they do make a 2450kv version which pull nearer to 1700g of thrust, but they may be a bit much unless you are the hardest of racers. Though these cost an arm and a leg at $25 a peice; one thing you can guarantee about tiger is they are going to be good quality no matter what, so even though you pay a hefty price for them, they will take your abuse.

Thrust data can be found here

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lumenier 2206Lumenier RX2206 2350kv

Finally we have the Lumenier RX 2206. Now even though they they are 2206, these would be perfect on a nippy 5″ quad because they weigh only 28g. Even if the thrust numbers are not as impressive, one this Lumenier still retains is the incredibly good build quality. The bearings are know to be super smooth, which helps you with efficiency as well as rapid RPM changes in high speed maneuvers. What this high quality gives you is efficiency and it is the reason we put these on instead of the Tiger F40s. It ran almost 3A less current on the 6×4 KingKong than the F40v2 even though it was only about 30g less thrust. Though 3A doesn’t sound like much you consider 4+ motors on a multi rotor, suddenly thats a noticeable difference, and with Battery Discharge ratings being an ever present issue in the hobby, 12A less strain on the battery could see more thrust in real world applications, not to mention more flight time.

You can find Thrust numbers here.

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