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Top 5 Best Miniquad Motors 2017

BrotherHobby/PyroDrone Hyperlite V4 2206 2300kv

Pirofliprc’s Hyperlite series have long been known to provide some of the best performance of any motor available. The V4 are no exception.  They kick over 1344g of thrust on a DAL 5×4 quadblade, if you run more aggressively pitched props such as the racekraft 5051 triblade, achieving 1500g when unloaded shouldn’t be an issue. They also offer a remarkable improvement in strength over the V3 motors, as the manufacturer, brotherhobby, has increased the size of the bearing and used a stronger titanium alloy for the shaft.  Even with these improvements, they still only weigh 28g. These are your go to motors if you want great performance for a reasonable weight.

Thrust data available here.

Armattan Oomph 2206 2300kv

The Armattan Oomph is the latest motor from Armattan and it is highly impressive. In true Armattan Style they have attempted to comprehensively innovate the miniquad motor. Rather than a traditional threaded shaft the Oomph has a very short shaft of the same diameter as the standard single piece steel shaft designs, but only 5mm tall.  Instead of the exterior thread, the shaft has an M3 interior thread, and the prop is held down by a standard M3 12.9 steel bolt and a washer. This new design gives several key advantages over the traditional threaded nut. Firstly, it means a much lighter shaft, as it simply has much less area, and as a result less mass.  Secondly, instead of aluminum lock nuts which strip and fly off, the Oomph uses heat treated, hardened steel against 12.9 steel on the threads. Finally there is also an argument to say that prop changes are easier with this new design, however this could come down to personal preference. Being a 2206 it is on the heavier side at 31g per motor however, this is still light for the category and that extra stator size gives you more thrust (1500g 6×4.5HQ) as well as torque. All in all, an amazing motor from Armattan.

Thust data available here.

Multicopter Builders 2207 2400kv

Multicopter Builders have been in the miniquad scene for a while now, and back in early 2015 we built Epic 280 from them. Now they have started commissioning their own motors from brotherhobby and they have produced this 2207 beast. Although they are a bit on the heavy side, at 31g, they make up for it with some of the highest thrust numbers we have seen yet. On a kingkong 6×4 they produce over 1643g, at the cost of 39A at full throttle. We expect the higher 2850kV variant to hit over 1700g, however this will of course come in at again a higher amp draw. They are also an excellent choice for 5S or even 6S setups, as the taller stator will help with heat dissipation.

Thrust data available here.

Emax RS2205S 2300kv

With the release of the original RS2205 2300kv motor, Emax totally redefined the mini-quad motor world creating a cheap high performing motor and pushing manufacturers such as Cobra, Tiger and Lumenier out of the market. The RS2205S’s build on the solid and innovative design of their predecessors, helping Emax to keep up with competition but still at an affordable price. Emax have gone to a hollow shaft, single piece integrated prop adapter motor shaft that is held in place by a screw rather than a clip. Both thrust and response times are significantly better than the old RS motor, though current draw has gone up at a matching rate. The major upgrade is a significant increase response times due to the arc magnets and tight airgap will really change the flying experience with these.

Thust data available here.

US Buy Here

International Buy Here

T-Motor F60 2207 2200kvf60-3

For those of you who like to fly bigger quads these are for you. Tiger, another Chinese company, has been in the multirotor industry for years now and has always prided itself on its high quality. For a while they ignored they miniquad game, but this year they have come in guns blazing with a whole new crop of high quality motors, designed specifically for FPV users. This is their big motor made more for 6″ rocket ships as well as GT quads. We decided to include the 2200kv motors on our list, as they already give you 1500g of thrust on 6″ but also give you some efficiency. If you are crazy they do make a 2450kv version which pull nearer to 1700g of thrust, but they may be a bit much unless you are the hardest of racers. Though these cost an arm and a leg at $25 a peice; one thing you can guarantee about tiger is they are going to be good quality no matter what, so even though you pay a hefty price for them, they will take your abuse.

Thrust data available here.

US Buy Here

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  1. I’m surprised you guys didn’t include the Tornado T2 motors to be honest. I figured they’d be #1 or #2. In all the testing we do, they rank right up there with the Armattan’s and R4’s but are the smoothest of the 3 and use the highest quality 7075 alu. Generally we recommend Oomph’s or the T2’s both @ 31g, or the r4’s if someone needs a weight reduction.

    • Hi Travis,

      From MQTB testing, we figured the Multicopter Builders 2207 weigh the same as the T2 but thrust significantly more. Therefore we didn’t include the T2s in the list. We do agree they are very high quality, but we included the Armattan motors over the T2s as the Armattans show innovation with their unique prop mounting solution.


  2. What about viking?

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