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Top 5 Best Miniquad Lipo Batteries

source March 12, 2016 Electronics

http://www.ribo.co.at/deniro/2093 Dronelabs

here 6510-2Here at Done Insdier we use Drone labs for the simple reason that they have the best mix of quality and price competitiveness. We tend to use the 1500mah batters for our 250 quads and get 3 to 4 minute flight times. We have 15 1500mah which we use for flights and general testing and as of yet they haven’t puffed and we bought them 4 months ago. The only issues we do have with them is that they come out quite warm after a hard flight, however with LIPO technology where it is, this is to be expected. All in all a very good battery which we could not recommend highly enough.

http://www.siai.it/?ityies=opzioni-binarie-ci-si-guadagna-o-si-rimette&a57=17 Turnigy nano-tech. 65-130C

Part time morning jobs camden nj 19121These have been around for the last couple years now. They are good for the price and it is a good base battery to start on especially if you are flying your quad 3S. For high Amp 4S flight we personally find that the C rating (which is much closer to 65 than 130) is not quite high enough and the voltage lag and subsequent puffing does begin to become an issue and the lower C versions of this battery are not a really feasible for miniquads. The biggest issue with these batteries is the short life span almost all the ones we have are puffed now and out 6 4S batteries bought in the last 6 months 3 have a dead cell. One other issue to look out for is the weak soldering pads which have a tendency to rip easily if your battery is poorly mounted on your quad. But despite these issues we do recommend them for beginner to medium fliers and especially for those fliers who don’t push their quads too far.

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follow link smc-1300-3s-1-600x450SMC are new to the miniquad market, but they have been in the RC Car industry for a while now. Reports of these lipos are excellent, and we are very impressed by their punch out performance especially near the end of the pack. Pilot Mr Steele is also said to be a fan. A unique feature of these lipos is that they steer away from the C rating that most of the industry uses. These are hugely inflated for the vast majority of lipos out there and there is no industry standard for how to measure the C rating! So manufacturers can simply put any number they wish! However SMC are trying to change this and have a rigorous testing procedure to determine the “true” C rating of a pack.

source Tattu 1800mah 4s

binary options brokers <1 (2)Tattu, as well as its sister company Gens Ace, produce high quality lipos for not only for our application of miniquads but also for large hover ships used for Aerial Photography. These batteries are available in a wider range of capacities than most brands and cell counts, from 3s to 6s (for those of you who are crazy), and 1000 to 2200mAh. Most people think that these batteries perform well, especially the 75C rated packs. However like most high end packs these don’t come cheap, with a 1300mAh 4S 75C coming in at €35.99!

الاسترالية ينظم السماسرة الخيار الثنائي Turnigy Graphene 4S

91180Though still new and not fully tested the Turnigy Graphenes have been getting some positive feed back from the community, many pilots are finding the Graphenes are cooler after a flight and they seem to have quite good life spans (however they haven’t been out for long enough for us to be sure). They have also been measuring very low resistance rates, sometimes as low as 1.2Ohms (3 Ohms is average for a new lipo).  They also have been shown to maintain very respectable discharge rates as well as extremely high charge rates, Hobbyking quote as high as 15C (though we wouldn’t recommend this). The only issue with the Turnigy Graphenes is the weight the 1500mah is 208g compared to the Dronelab’s equivalent 159g.

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  1. I have an 1800 and 5 of the 1300 Tattoos, they all sag under load when ab’d to my regular brand. I’ve not puffed any but they do come down warm after a hard flight. The brand I typically fly is not listed in your top 5 and I’m happy about that! Finding a good strong LiPo is a bit like finding a good uncrowded park to fly or a good surf break haha. Great reviews though, enjoying your site a lot.

  2. Im running a zop power 11.1v 1500mah 25c 3s lipo it started out ok about 8mins flight time on my 250 racing quad but after around 20 flights it now only lasts about 2 mins . This guide has helped me alot . Thankyou

  3. I have used the CrazyPony 4s 35c packs which have lasted fairly well, only slightly warm, lightweight, and seem to provide enough power for my 260. I am a little confused about the 3-4 min flight time mentioned above. I’m getting minimum 8-10 min. I fly pretty hard and have a heavy racing quad (more of a hybrid) since I have GPS, super bright LEDs, etc. The Aerodance 260 frame is amazingly sturdy but on the heavy side. SPracingF3 setup.

    It is actually the Turnigy Graphene 65C one I’m most concerned about. This was my first choice of battery when I build the quad. I’ve had the battery for 4mo. and the cell variance is often wide between cells. Enough that my cheaper balancing charger will not charge it because the variance is over its threshold. It does run cool and provides plenty of power but now, even with a low cell alarm, the cells seem to just plummet after hitting 3.6-3.5v. Alarm goes off at 3.6 and often I can’t even bring it back to me (approx. 8 seconds at min throttle) without it dropping. I check cells and one or two are at 2.9-3.2? Charges back up 100% and holds the charge. Discharges pretty evenly until about 3.6 then all over again. Consequently, I don’t trust it as much as the other packs that don’t do this.
    It is also MUCH thicker than the other LiPO packs I have by about an eighth to quarter inch. So beware if your frame has a belly mounted battery spot like mine.

    Interesting Fact: My CrazyPony 4s packs look exactly like the Tattu packs shown above. 🙂

  4. I’ve had 2 1800mh and 5 1500mh Turnigy Graphene battery’s for over a year now. They’ve never sagged, puffed or even got anything other than warm after a hard flight. They still perform great to this day. My friend had 7 Drone Labs 1500mh and hes replaced every one. Those graphene might be bigger, and slightly heavier, but unless your competing at the top level. It’s not an issue.

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