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Top 5 Best Miniquad Lipo Batteries – 2017

Bonka Graphene

Bonka Graphene backs offer the best performance out there for those who are looking to push their limits of flying. Bonka have been on the scene for a while now, and their batteries have proven to be some of the best around. The new Graphene 2.0 are no exception, they claim a massive 80C constant and 160C burst, although we all really know C ratings mean absolutely nothing. Their weight is reasonable at 170g, but they are far from the lightest battery on our list. However their superior performance outweighs the added weight in our opinion and these are a must have if you intend to be the fastest at the field.

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Turnigy Graphene

Though still new and not fully tested the Turnigy Graphenes have been getting some positive feed back from the community, many pilots are finding the Graphenes are cooler after a flight and they seem to have quite good life spans (however they haven’t been out for long enough for us to be sure). They have also been measuring very low resistance rates, sometimes as low as 1.2Ohms (3 Ohms is average for a new lipo).  They also have been shown to maintain very respectable discharge rates as well as extremely high charge rates, Hobbyking quote as high as 15C (though we wouldn’t recommend this). The only issue with the Turnigy Graphenes is the weight the 1500mah is 208g compared to the Dronelab’s equivalent 159g.

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Tattu R-Line

Tattu, as well as its sister company Gens Ace, produce high quality lipos for not only for our application of miniquads but also for large hover ships used for Aerial Photography. These batteries are available in a wider range of capacities than most brands and cell counts, from 3s to 6s (for those of you who are crazy), and 1000 to 2200mAh. Most people think that these batteries perform well, especially the 75C rated packs. However like most high end packs these don’t come cheap, with a 1300mAh 4S 75C coming in at €35.99!

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Lumenier have a reputation for premium products within the Drone Industry and their batteries are no exception.  The discharge rates are very reliable and these batteries are safe to charge at high C rate and their cell protections allows them to take a battering during bad landings and minor crashes. Each battery comes with a black vinyl cap to protect the XT-60 discharge adapter during transport and from the elements. You can also use this handy cap to indicate a fully charged battery in the field meaning fewer multimeter beeps.   The dimensions are sized to easily fit in all of major quad frames from 5” upwards.

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Dinogy 2.0 Graphene

The Dinogy Graphene 2.0 is the heaviest battery on our list, but don’t let that trick you. Dinogy really hit the mark with this one and produced a very high quality lipo. The performance of graphene lipos has been well documented in this hobby; they provide consistent performance throughout a cycle (voltage sag is minimal right until the end), and can survive well over 300 cycles, more than “regular” lipos can. Dinogy claim 80C discharge rate with this one, which we think it is a little optimistic. Nevertheless, these are still excellent lipos that will be sure to last you at least 6 months if you treat them right.




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  1. This list is pretty accurate except where does the Acehe 1500 4s? It’s the single most torture resistant battery that’s been unfortunate enough to meet me 🙂 The performance is absolutely top-notch too!

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