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Top 5 Best Freestyle Frames 2017

Armattan Chameleon

The Armattan Chameleon offers the pinnacle of frame design and manufacture in 2017. The frame centres around a 6061 aluminium camera holder for 25mm board cameras. On top of the board camera mount lies a carbon plate for mounting a GoPro, an essential for any freestyle oriented frame. The rear of the frame features again an aluminium plate for mounting your SMA out of.  These two aluminium plates also acts as spacers for the bottom and top plate, this should save weight and possibly make the frame even stronger. The whole frame itself is only 20mm high, ensuring a lower centre of gravity and smaller moment of inertia. It is worth noting that the bottom plate is a unibody design, thus if you break a plate you can’t simply swap in an arm at the field. However Armattan are so confident in their design, they are offering a lifetime warranty on the frame.


DQuad Obsession

The DQuad obsession is another great design that again uses aluminium in their design. This frame is more like a pod design than the Armattan Chameleon. The aluminium is used to protect all the components in the central pod, such as FC, PDB and VTx. As well as to mount your FPV board camera. A custom PDB designed specifically for the frame is also included, which also has a 3d part to protect the XT60 connector in the case of a hard crash. Another 3d mount is available to mount a GoPro session specifically, at 30 and 40 degree angles. Finally, the arms are replaceable, making changing the arm easy even if you’re in the field. All in all, the Obsession is another great frame capable of both freestyle and racing. It would have placed no1 on our list, but unfortunately we have seen reports of durability issues. Hopefully these can be fixed soon.

ImpulseRC Alien

Soma from ImpulseRC took his already inspired design for the Warp quad and made it into an FPV frame. Supposedly he spent 6 months designing the thing and we are glad to say that the effort has paid off. Now easily one of the top FPV frames out there, it has some really key design features which set it apart from the rest: the arms for example all rest against one another so that in a crash the stress is spread. Other features include easy board camera mounting, as well as a really well designed integrated PDB. This frame was released more than 1.5 years ago and still holds it place as one of the best frames around. However its larger size makes it much heavier than the competition and for that reason we have decided to place it number 3 for this top5.



MQC Fusion 

One again another brilliant build from MQC. MQC was first featured on our Top 5 Mini Quad frames of 2015 with the brilliant MQC One and they’ve followed up the rugged and smart H-Quad design of the One with a characteristically well thought out X quad design in the fusion. With a brilliant community behind it, MQC listens carefully to what pilot’s want and delivers. As well as all the features one would expect on a brilliant X quad the Fusion. With it’s full line of 3D printed accessories, downloadable tuning configurations, and a limited lifetime parts warranty. At $100 its competitively priced and an excellent choice for your latest free style build.



LoFlo Freestyle

The LoFlo is one of the most impressive yet expensive quads on our list. A relatively new player to the FPV game, LoFlo have shaken up the market with their new Freestyle frame. It’s low slung aerodynamic looks are certainly impressive and translate into great flying qualities. The lower stand offs on the main body also strengthen the main chassis and help protect vital components, however, the flipside (haha see what we did there) means it’s a tougher build. The High quality carbon frame comes in at 126g including all the hardware such as the inbuilt PDB. Speaking of which the PDB has both 5V and 12V BECs allowing you to power both FPV systems as well as accessories with ease. All in all a beautifully designed quad but maybe better suited to more experienced pilots.


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  1. You should check out the Weaver 5″ V2 Freestyle Airframe! A boutique production, designed and detailed like an artisinal product.


    Extremely good carbon (best I’ve tried, better than Alien, Armattan, etc.), and super minimal / funtional design. Very stiff thanks to removal of material in a diamond pattern (instead of weak spots created by removing large chunks of material like the other frames), and very cool universal camera mount for easy install of all the popular fpv cams.

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