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Top 5 Best FPV goggles – 2017

FatShark Dominator V3

These are arguably the best all round goggles on the market at the moment, they are just over $320 making them only $10 more expensive than the Attitude V3s which are meant to be the next set down. Unlike the Dom HDV2s these goggles are 16:9 widescreen, which many hard core FPV flyers claim distorts the image too drastically, however we have a pair at Droneinsider and find them great to fly on, and we also feel that the hobby might eventually switch to widescreen. Like the the HDV2s, these Dominator V3s are fully modular allowing for head tracking and different recivers. It is also future proofing with HDMI connectivity with 720p support through a robust mini HDMI port and 16:9 format WVGA image; this also allows you to watch movies with them, if you want to be extra immersed.

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FatShark HD3

The HD3 is one of the most powerful, versatile and portable FPV goggle solutions on the market today… but it is also the most expensive!!! It is often the top choice of many professional drone pilots but maybe not the best. It’s new features include twin displays which offer an SVGA 800×600 resolution in a 16:9 format, matching the aspect ratio of HD systems. The field of view on the HD3 has been adjusted to 42 degrees to maintain a large-screen experience whilst delivering a sharp picture for OSD readability. However, it still does not come with diversity out of the box which for many is more important than an optional head tracking module. All in All we just feel that rather than innovating Fatshark is just tweaking its existing line up and continually increasing the price.

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Quanum Fatshark Genesis HD FPV Goggle

This is possibly the best box headset, particularly for price to performance. The guys over at Quanum in partnership with renowned FPV Goggle designers Fatshark have done it again as they usher in the new era for FPV Goggles and again set the benchmark for others to follow with the new Quanum Genesis HD FPV Goggle. Integrated into the headset design is a massive high quality 5.5” LCD screen (non blue screen) with magnification lens capable of 1280x720p resolution and a 32 channel diversity receiver module which includes Raceband. The headset also incorporates a Mini HDMI port and AV IN port allowing an external FPV signal source to be used along with an AV OUT port and a micro USB port for firmware upgrades. It performs well in the field and has proven itself to be adiquart for beginners and professionals a like.


TOPSKY F7X 2D 3D 5.8G 40CH 16:9 FPV Goggles

Topsky is a relatively new player to the game, yet it features some impressive specs which have made Fatshark and Skyzone shudder. It has Resolution: 1280 x 720, blowing much of the competition out of the water, it comes with a built-in high sensitivity receiver with 40 channels, high-speed one-touch autosearch. As well as this there is HDMI: Support 720P HDMI signal input (2D/3D selection), then Headphone Jack/AV-IN Port/DC-IN Port/PS2 Then to Power the thing there is a 2200mah battery. Best of all the goggles are priced at between $300 and $350 making them, unbelievably competitive.




Skyzone Goggles Upgraded V2 Version

50228These can be considered to be chinese fatsharks. They are very good and feature many advantages over fatshark such as the diversity 5.8 reciver and the camera on the front of the goggles which allows you do see what around you without having to take the goggles off. However, it is important to remember they are only slightly cheaper than Fatsharks and the they don’t enjoy the same reputation which Fatsharks enjoy in the FPV community, Fatshark also have very good customer service and if you are going to drop $300+ dollars on FPV goggles this is something you want. These do come with two 5.8Ghz recievers which the fatsharks don’t and they also come with inbuilt headtracking. However they do not have a DVR which may be a deal breaker for some.

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