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Top 5 Best Flight Controllers July 2017

July 10, 2017 Electronics

Our latest Top 5 Flight controllers has been compiled from

  • A poll on the Multicopter Builders Facebook Group
  • Personal experience with the flight Controllers
  • Months of research
  • Pages and pages of feedback from readers and others throughout the community.

If you disagree with our list feel free to comment below, we are always editing and changing them.

Betaflight F3

The Betaflight F3 offers the pinnacle of flight controller performance. It has all the features you need but none too many. Designed by the great Boris B himself, he made sure to include all the import features we all enjoy. Such as integrated PDB, beta flight compatible OSD, current sensor and MicroSD card slot for blackbox logging. As well as all the usual features that we are used to. This was all made possible thanks to a 6 layer PCB, enabling the power pads for the ESCs to be placed on the bottom of the PCB. This leaves the top for motor signal wires and UARTs, making wiring easier than ever.

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Raceflight Revolt

The Raceflight Revolt is one of the more expensive boards on the list, but it has a secret weapon up its sleeve. It has the ability to run the RaceFlight firmware, this is a closed source firmware that focuses on high looptimes to bring excellent performance. However some in the hobby have been saying the difference between RaceFlight and BetaFlight is smaller than ever, and they are equal in terms of performance. One advantage though of Revolt is the ability to run either BetaFlight or RaceFlight, whatever you prefer! This gives you the best of both worlds and you can easily swap between the two. It’s worth noting this FC needs to be supplied 5V to work, so it is a bit more complicated to set up compared to other options on the list. It also has no OSD, PDB or current sensor.



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DYS F4 Pro

The DYS F4 is another great option able to run betaflight. The DYS F4 offers very similar features as the Omnibus F4, indeed they both use the same target in betaflight! However we believe the DYS F4 Pro is better optimised for use on a quad. For example, it doubles as a PDB as well. This makes it easier to wire as there is no need for a second board in your stack to use as a PCB. It also features an F4 processor, which has slightly better performance than the F3 seen in the Betaflight F3. However it lacks on onboard SD card slot for blackbox logging. The OSD is betaflight compatible, meaning you can adjust it in the configurator itself, instead of having to use MWOSD configurator. This significantly reduces setup time. Once nice feature is the inclusion of rubber mounting grommets with the FC, meaning you don’t have to buy anything else to isolate the board from vibrations.

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Matek F405 OSD

The F405 comes from Matek, one of the best companies for PDBs. This time they have decided to move into the FC sector and they have produced a very high quality product. The F405-OSD lacks a PDB and current sensor, but makes up for it with a large number of features considering its small price. Like many of the FCs on this list it comes with a Betaflight compatible OSD, SD Card slot for blackbox logging, and 5 UARTs. One of the more interesting features is the fact it stacks perfectly with the FCHUB-6S from Matek, all you have to do is use one ribbon cable and it forms the perfect flight controller and PDB stack. Complete with 5V, 10V BECs and a current sensor.

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Omnibus F4

The Omnibus F4 V2 is another highly capable F4 flight controller. For example it has an SD card slot, perfect if you are interested in logging your blackbox files to assist in your tuning. However, its most valuable feature is the inbuilt OSD, which is compatible with betaflight. This is perfect for those of you who like to see all the valuable information such as battery voltage and a flight timer in your goggles. The increased capabilities of this board do reflect in its higher price, at $45 it is one of the most expensive boards in this top 5. For the price it has one glaring feature missing, a compatible OSD.

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