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Top 5 Best Flight Controllers 2016

Check out our latest Top 5 Flight Controllers

source url http://palsambleu.fr/?dimyrewsy=site-de-rencontre-hugavenue-avis&466=e6 KISS FC – 32bit Flight Controller

kiss flight controllerThe latest product form Kiss is their much anticipated flight controller. Flyduino have done an incredible job. It’s simple and does everything you need it to do. In true Kiss fashion it comes with its’ own custom firmware making it easy to use and it is guaranteed to be ahead of the game for a least a year. In Flyduino’s own words ‘The software setup side is reduced as far we can, many things are allready taken in to account for you, if you bring some solid soldering skills you should be able to build your quad pretty quick.’


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http://www.sme-ae.it/?bioske=donna-opzioni-bimarie-quanto-guadagna&67f=16 MotoLab TornadoFC STM32F3

Moto moto (2)Is one of the best value F3 flight controllers on the market currently. Designed by impulse RC it is cheap, simple and highly capable. Unlike many other flight controllers in its’ class it features the simple pins which made the Naze so popular. The board is fully supported by Cleanflight firmware and uses the more-powerful STM32F3 microcontroller and also has options to solder in a Pololu for 5V regulation.

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Lumenier LUX Flight Controller

lumenier-lux-angleThe Lux is a F3 flight controller from Lumenier. It has features like a built in 5v BEC, so you can wire your flight battery directly into the Flight Controller and not worry about using a step-down voltage converter. As well as an integrated FrSky RSSI Filter and support for BLHeli flashing via the flight controller. Finally, it has an SPI bus that connects the gyro and main F3 chip, which is faster than the l2c bus used on the naze, allowing even lower looptimes than ever seen before. This looks like a very promising flight controller for those who want to direct solder to the flight controller and also want the fastest possible performance with betaflight.

quand pierre rencontre klervie TauLabs Sparky2.0

sparky2-2_1-600x451_0_0This is a fully capable flight controller, mainly designed for use with ‘TauLabs’. A firmware that was derived from OpenPilot, this has many features such as an auto-tune setting that works a treat. However the firmware as a whole is more geared towards autonomous flight and archieing with GPS Lock. The actual flight controller itself features an STM32F4 chip, far more capable than even the F3 chips we see in use today for the Tornado F3 and Lux. In addition, there is also a OpenLRS 433Mhz Receiver built in! So you don’t even have to put a receiver on the craft. Finally, you can flash it with ‘Raceflight’ if you don’t like TauLabs, this is a port of Betaflight that focuses on F4 chips, enabling ridiculously low looptimes, sometimes higher than 40,000Hz. However this FC does not come cheap at $90.

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http://jwsmith.net/?piderees=mujeres-solteras-piedras-negras&167=8d RMRC Seriously Dodo Flight Controller – Rev 3

9df933a031fe375225eba36b2a16459e.image.608x550This flight controller from Ready Made RC is a good solid F3 chip featuring 8 input channels, 3 UARTs (GPS, Telemetry, S.bus), 2-6s input power, 5v output0.5A Max (So no more external regulators to get in your way!) A nice touch from RCMC is they donate some money to the clean flight project with every board they sell in order to keep the hobby going. Lets hope that this little gem doesn’t go extinct!


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  1. FPV Racing has become a hit trend these days. I just want to know – Is there room for improvement with the flight controller to make FPV more competitive?

  2. I disagree with your list as it doesn’t match the title. The list you have provided is just for racing drones and not for true videography drones. The best is Pixhawk, whose name you didn’t even cared to mention!

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