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Top 5 Best ESCs 2016

http://www.selectservices.co.uk/?propeler=istruzioni-sulle-opzioni-binarie&65e=c3 January 10, 2016 Electronics

source link Check out our latest Top 5 ESCs for July 2016!KISS-ESC-2-5S-24A-race-edition-32bit-brushless-motor-ctrl


http://salpasafarit.fi/?kalimo=forex-firmas%C4%B1-tavsiye&acc=5e Flyduino KISS 24A Race Edition

get link This is the best ESCs get at the moment. With new features such as Oneshot42 (a superfast version of OneShot125) and onewire telemetry. This enables you to get information on current draw from each individual ESC, which can then be sent to your Flight Controller. (currently only the KISS FC can receive the telemetry data, but since the protocol is open source we could see it appearing in Cleanflight sometime soon). In addition, features such as adaptive gate timing allow this ESC to continue to do what KISS ESCs do best, simple and outstanding performance.

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http://melroth.com/?komp=auto-opzioni-binarie-com&ff3=02 UBAD 30A

http://celebritysex.cz/?triores=pof-dating-profile-examples&506=99 main__25658.1445901139.1280.1280Whilst these ESCs might be small for the Amp Rating, they certainly pack a punch. They come loaded with BLHeli for outstanding performance with damped light and Oneshot125, enabling them to withstand even the most testing of Motor and Prop combinations. In addition, the BLHeli bootloader makes it very easy to flash this ESC with future versions of BLHeli. All you will need is an Arduino Nano. A Rotorgeek tool stick should also work, however this has not been tested yet.

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http://www.mongoliatravelguide.mn/?sakson=opzioni-binarie-o-borsa&ae9=f5 RG20-bottom-size-800x600RG 20A

Rotorgeeks are known to have top of the line products, and this is no exception. The RG20a is the definition of bullet proof, we all know the original Rotorgeek12a sustained over 30a for close to a minute! So we expected big things from this little ESC, and we were not disappointed. It easily sustained 20A for a minute, when the SN20 failed at 42s. However, this is not all the ESC has to offer, the thrust figures are excellent, in some cases matching the legendary (for not so good reasons) KISS 18A. In addition, it comes shipped BLHeli 14.1 for maximum performance.


follow url 0003079_little-bee-20a-mini-esc-with-blheli-oneshot125-and-damped-light-2-4sLittle Bee/ MRM Zeus

These ESCs are a nice addition to any race quad, their tiny size means they are unlikely to block much airflow on the top of your arms and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg either! However, there have been reports of spikes caused when plugging in your LiPo destroying board camera. We recommend you solder a 33 Ohm Resistor in series to your board camera to prevent voltage spikes. Apart from this issue, the Little Bees perform very well for their small price.

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KISS-ESC-2-6S-30AFlyduino KISS 30A

Another entry from the KISS line-up makes the top 5. This time it is the higher amp rated KISS 30A. It lacks features such as telemetry and oneshot42. But it maintains features such as current limiting, a function that eliminates the fires that we saw on the 18a and 12a variants. The beauty of these is there is no need to worry with different firmware’s, simply solder and fly and if your feeling particularly adventurous try 3D mode.

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