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Top 5 Best Consumer Aerial Photography Drones

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DJI Inspire 1 V2 PRO

http://libraryinthesky.org/?bioeser=mujeres-madres-solteras-en-junin&7df=ac large_p1_3_1Perhaps the best looking on the list, the DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 is a fully capable AP ship designed for the highest possible quality aerial footage. Only buying a huge custom rig with a RED EPIC could beat this multirotor. The camera itself is specifically designed for aerial use; mean it has features such as full 360 degree rotation and a rectilinear lens, which reduces distortion of the earth’s curvature at high altitudes. The landing gear also tilt up so prevent them appearing in a video shots. Hovering indoors is also a breeze (pun intended) with optical flow and sonar sensors to keep you in one position at all times. Despite this we would not recommend you hover indoors due to safety concerns.

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DJI Phantom 4 Professional

dji-phantom-4-largeThe Phantom 4 represents the logical continuation on from the success of the Phantom 3. The Phantom 4 comes with collision avoidance systems on the front in order to decrease the likely hood of crashes. If also has a flight time of nearly half an hour along with a 4K camera built in which makes it good for the inexperienced. The Phantom 4 covers a wide range from armature to semi-professional uses and with the large DJI eco system, you can guarantee a high level of support. There are other Gimmicks like a follow a subject mode as well as a race mode, however these will likely stay unused by most. If you want $50 off a Phantom 4, check out our exclusive Drone Insider Offer here.

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typhoon_h_2__00946.1455055289.1050.1050Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec are a Chinese company, much like DJI, who started making RC Planes before moving onto electric manned aircraft and finally returning to the market of drones. Their Typhoon is a high end hex copter designed for (once again) the Prosumer market, as it is equipped with a GCO3+, a 12MP, 4K and 3 axis stabilised camera. As well as retractable gear and most interestingly a fully capable sense and avoid system. With most hexacopters, if one motor fails you will not fall out the sky. Instead the other motors will compensate to make sure you land in one piece. What sets this apart from the other models is the fact the monitor is imbedded in the control unit, negating the need for you to attach a tablet/phone to view the live video downlink from the multirotor. Significantly increasing ease of use.

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Yuneec_Q500_Typhoon_4K_6651498Yuneec Q500 4K

Yuneec are relatively unheard of yet like DJI they feature twice on this list, due to their growing reputation and well-designed Multirotors. The Q500 4K is the newest model from Yuneec and as the name implies, it shoots 4K video just like the Phantom 3, 4, Inspire and Solo. It has some unique features For example, it comes with two batteries and a hand mount that allows you to take the camera (and gimbal) off the quadcopter to use it as a mini handheld stabilized camera system.  At $1300, it’s definitely a good price for what you’re getting, especially compared to the other quadcopters on this list, this is due in part to the fact that Yuneec is still relatively unheard of as a company. The flip side of this however is that there is very little information on the quad still and it has very few third party accessories. Our Biggest issues with this quad is the Radio is (in our opinion) poorly designed and comes with a weak screen, however we guess this is due to the competitive price point.

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3DR Solo

3dr-solo-goproThe 3D Robotics Solo stands out from the crowd through its extremely functional and its ease of use. It many ways it is similar to the Phantom 3 but instead of using a built-in camera, it uses the GoPro Hero 4. Meaning that you have the ability to take the camera off and use it for whatever you want. Unlike DJI, the 3DR SOLO is designed with third party manufactures in mind with a gimbal bay and an accessory bay, meaning that third-party companies can easily make new gimbals along with other accessories. However, No accessories or gimbals are currently available though. The Solo sells $999, however this price does not include the GoPro or 3 axis gimbal. If you want the Solo with the 3DR gimbal and a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition, The total cost will be pushed up around $1900, making it utterly uncompetitive with the Phantom 3 being half the price.

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