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Top 5 Best 5.8Ghz Video Transmitters

Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 January 10, 2016 FPV

source HAWKEYE Mini 5.8G 600MW 32CH Wireless A/V Transmitter TX

Microsoft Office Standard 2013 oem 20151013142552-4230Hawkeye mini 5.8G 600mw is the best the hobby has to offer at the moment in terms of 5.8. It regularly over performs putting out 800mw on bench tests. It is small and compact making it perfect for the nippy 180s or the fast 250s. It features and SMA extension to save the SMA in a bad crash.
Tried and tested this is certainly the best the market has to offer in terms of 5.8 connectivity.

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go Immersion RC 600mw

go immersion RC 600mwThis Gem from ImmersionRC has been a staple of the FPV world a while now. Used by pro pilots such as FGA, Charpu and Boris B this is tried and tested with a brilliant community behind it. One added benefit is that the connects are very standard, easily compatible with Fat Shark equipment and are easy to get hold of, meaning you don’t have to scan the web for non-existent TCCs.

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click here UBAD 200mw Race Edition 5.8ghz Mini-Video Transmitter – (Race Band)

http://citychurchgloucester.org/?oem=how-to-buy-Autodesk-3ds-Max-Design-2014&caa=00 UBAD 200mw Race Edition 5.8ghz Mini-Video TransmitterThis rebranded Hawkeye from UBAD certainly packs a punch and is perfect for some Sunday league racing. Featuring all the Race Band frequencies as well as being light weight and strong it won’t let you down even in the worst of crashes. One very nice feature is the SMA bulk head which makes for easier mounting as well as protecting the transmitter from damage in a crash. One handy feature is the QR code on the back gives a nice run down of the dip switch positons.
Where to buy:

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see Eachine TS835 FPV 5.8G 600MW 32CH 7-28V Wireless AV Transmitter

Eachine TS835 FPV 5.8G 600MW 32CH 7-28V Wireless AV Transmitter (3)This budget option from Eachine is perfect for the beginner FPV pilet. For those of you who don’t know Eachine is simply Boscam rebranded; same product, a third of the price. It features an easy button system meaning you don’t have to fiddle in the cold with dip switches. This particular high voltage model also means that a 12V BEC is not required because technically this VTX is compatible with 2-6S LiPo. We’re still not quite sure here at Droneinsider whether it actually puts out 600mw, nevertheless it is still perfectly good for the novice or casual piolet and is definitely worth the money.
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Microsoft Windows 8 32 bit best price TS5823S FPV 5.8G 32CH 200mW Transmitter TX – $21.89

1452218222564954011This little gem from GearBest is perfect for the small budget multi-rotor. Works brilliantly in an atom and because of its low price you have no worries about throwing it around the sky. A good little mod you can do is to simply solder a length of single core wire to the SMA as this gives you more than enough range without a hefty antenna.

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  1. i would like to know more about that antenna mod for 5823..

    • Here‘s a link to the guide we used. THe hardest part is snipping off the SMA, the rest is easy.

      • thank You so much..

      • I ordered some of the TS5823S on the above recommendation. I have found that the SMA connector on the transmitter has a male pin and is not compatible with standard cloverleaf antennas that also have male pins. Are there any easy solutions to run a standard cloverleaf antenna?


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