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Top 5 Best 250 Quads – March 2016

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go here grafici eur usd tempo reale Alien 5″ FPV Frame
0000400_alien-5-fpv-frameThe frame that changed it all. Soma from ImpulseRC took his already inspired design for the Warp quad and made it into an FPV frame. Supposedly he spent 6 months designing the thing and we are glad to say that the effort has paid off. Now easily one of the top FPV frames out there, it has some really key design features which set it apart from the rest: the arms for example all rest against one another so that in a crash the stress is spread. Other features include easy board camera mounting, as well as a really well designed integrated PDB.

sites de rencontres italiens gratuits The Alien maintains its place as the best quad around, uncompromising design as well as an improved 2mm bottom plate means Soma still maintains the hot seat in our Top 5 250 Quads.

forex exchange mid valley como coquetear con un hombre en el gym reflex_5inchDQuad RefleX

Stealing the limelight from Lumenier is the Dquad Reflex, this beast of a frame has a PDB similar to that of the blackout, it stretches the full length of the craft, making it just a little stronger than the Alien. Not only this but it also features a camera mount with easily adjustable camera angle, this really does make it look like the Alien!! However the arm mounting mechanism is slightly different from the Alien, as there is slightly less contact area and it creates a square in the middle. Here at drone insider we are not quite sure what the effect of this will, none the less we suspect it to be a tad weaker on arm mounting. With the likes of Boris B rocking this frame, we sure think that this frame is here to stay.

enter site Sigan210 Racer Quad
0000012_sigan210-racer-quad-frame-onlyThis is truly a novel design for a frame and an incredible one at that. If you want a small nippy reliable quad this is for you. The design is truly inspired and houses all your components perfectly, even your motors. The only down side is, it doesn’t work with wide or large ESCs like RG20s, you have to use kiss or the SN20. If you keep this quad light and clean it will not let you down. A nice little touch is the 3D printed side to the quad which gives a bit of extra customisation.

The Sigan has yet to see a weakness, the enclosed design ensures the probability of a component break is substantially lower, unless you were able to completely total the quad. It also features an HD Cam mounting and an SMA hole. Bravo to Francis for this piece of engineering marvel!

here Martian 1The Martian 4″, 5″ and 6″

The replacement of the LRC Race 5″ is the Martian, a very affordable frame from GoodLuckBuy, a Chinese store similar to Banggood. With all of the lineup selling for less than $45, this truly is a steal. The optional 4mm arms offer ample protection against even the craziest pilots out there, whilst those who plan to build like can purchase the 3mm arms to save weight for racing. From the reports that we have been receiving, the Martian is indeed full Carbon Fibre, not a composite with G10/FR4, and weighs very similar to the original Alien. Unfortunately for $45 there has to be a weak point, and on this frame it is the camera mount, which is set at a measly 20 degrees. Despite this we expect there to be an mod to allow one to change the angle with easy. Keep your eyes peeled for our review of this budget option.

go The MQC One
MQC-ONE-BUILD1The MQC One is the perfection of the classic H Quad. It features rounded arms, which help reduce stress on key components in crashes. Other frames feature sharp edges on key components, which act as stress risers which increases the risk of breaking carbon components in a crash. In addition, the MQC One offers full lifetime warranting on all carbon parts, so if you are unlucky enough to break an arm, you are covered. Nifty features such as holes for battery straps and SMA Extension make this the ultimate frame for those who want to run the tried and tested ‘H Quad’.

We have yet to see an H quad better designed that the MQC One, and therefore it must still deserve a place on our top 5, Droneuplift.com reacently featured it as ‘The best drone of 2015′. Despite this we do see a glaring emission of an included PDB, whereas all the other quads include one. However this should provide maximum customizability for those of you who like to purchase the best PDB for your needs.

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  1. How many frames have been tested for this top5 ???

    • This Top 5 is created through:
      -personal experience with the frame
      -reviews throughout the community
      -general consensis on Forum threads
      -features of the frame
      Please if you have any alterations which you feel should be made we would love it if you commented as we reguarlly update this top 5.

      • Highly disagree with your top 5 for March ,I would say your selection is so 4 months ago ?

        • Shame, but we do realise that Frames are highly subjective, so we try and keep it as objective as possible, and spend hours trawly through forum posts and feed back on Frames by people who own them. We also try out many of the frames before puttinng them onthe list, but if you have reccomendations we would love to hear from.

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