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Top 5 Best 180 Frames 2016

http://jojofane.com/?njd=livro-de-op%C3%A7%C3%B5es-binarias&7f9=df January 14, 2016 Frames

enter site Shendrones Mitsuko

http://acps.cat/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/121028-DIARI-ARA-Perdre-la-por-a-parlar-del-Su艪吩 Studio_Session-005_4db2459e-3632-4925-8991-1fa18d21fca0_1024x1024Mitsuko was designed to complement the popular 5” and 6” Krieger frames. It is small for its class, being only 150mm motor to motor. Mainly due to the fact it has a ‘plus’ configuration instead of the usual ‘X’. We expect there to be minimal impact of flight performance because of this, it may possibly be better. This small footprint allows it to be very light at only 56g, and therefore it is the best 4” frame for those who want ultimate performance in indoor or outdoor racing. However it is a difficult build and we would strongly recommend against building one if you are a beginner builder. Finally, there is no room to carry a HD camera such as a GoPro or Runcam. So if you want to film your flights in HD you are better off with another frame.

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go Shendrones Tweaker

citas por internet metrosalud twfpva2Another Shendrones frame makes the number 2 spot. This frame is a twist on the classic H Quad shape. It has more space to build than the Mitsuko, making it excellent for those who want to record in HD and fly to the max. We would also argue that it is one of the best looking frames in the Top 5. Another advantage if you build your quads to look good on the ground and in the air. There are 2 options for this frame, each one geared towards motor choice. The FPV Addiction version of this frame has a 4mm bottom plate and a 2mm top plate, it also has the hole pattern for 2204 motors (it does have holes for 13XX and 18XX motors but this would result in the wires stick out the side of the quad). Whereas the regular edition has 3mm bottom plate and 1.6mm top plate, and is geared towards 13XX and 18XX sized motors, it also has a slight weight advantage over the FPVA version. The 35mm standoff height means you can mount all your regular FPV equipment including an SMA Extention and 25x25mm board camera such as the HS1177.

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grafici per opzioni digitali gratuiti HMB 180

conocer gente de tu zona gratis HMB-180_1The ‘Hold My Beer 180’ is perfect for those of you who crash hard and often. It is made out of ultra durable HDPE, a plastic that you can literally bend back into shape after a crash. This also means there is no risk of delamination after a crash. Our favourite feature is a SMA and XT60 bulk head, so even in the most severe crash you will not break the SMA off your Video transmitter or rip the pads of your PDB. In addition it features Aluminium standoff with Steel screws, so no more replacing those silly Nylon Standoffs and bolts! However this frame does have its down points, mainly the huge 100g weight. This means it flies similar to a heavy 250 frame, meaning you are missing the main point of 4” propeller size, which is improved turning in corners.

olagligt att köpa Sildenafil Citrate Sigan 180: aka the sikone

source url 0000023_sigan180-micro-quad-frame-onlyThis is truly a novel design for a 180 quad and an incredible one at that. If you want a small nippy reliable quad this is for you. The design is unique as all the components are housed within the protective carbon plates, even your motors are protected from impacts. The only down side is, it doesn’t work with wide or large ESCs like RG20s, you have to use KISS or the Little Bee ESCs. If you keep this quad light and clean it will not let you down. A nice little touch is the 3D printed side to the quad which gives a bit of extra customisation and you can have it in PINK!!!

enter Alien

0000400_alien-5-fpv-frameThe frame that changed it all. Soma from ImpulseRC took his already inspired design for the Warp quad and made it into an FPV frame. Supposedly he spent 6 months designing the thing and we are glad to say that the effort has paid off. Now easily one of the top FPV frames out there, it has some really key design features which set it apart from the rest: the arms for example all rest against one another so that in a crash the stress is spread. Other features include easy board camera mounting, as well as a really well designed integrated PDB. The Biggest issue with this 180 is its’ weight because it doesn’t have carbon mono-plate it weights considerably more than others in its’ class. It is also very expensive as 180s go.

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