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The SPRacing F3 Mini Flight Controller

This is a HUGELY promising Flight Controller from the Hydra, head of the Cleanflight Flight Control firmware. After the issues with the original F3 Racing board, this adds some much needed features as well as some very unique ones…

Modularity – This is a very interesting concept, you simply ‘snap’ on the parts of the board you need and remove the ones you don’t, this sounds excellent in concert however we are not sure if it will work that well in practice.
Race Transponder-This means you don’t have to attach a proprietary Infra-Red timing LED to your Quadcopter. Instead you simply ‘Snap’ on the module to your SPRacing F3 Mini and off you go, giving you the ability to race both CCW and CW race tracks, without the hassle of having to fit an LED to your craft.

MicroSD Slot for data logging – Instead of running a small flash chip on the board itself, you simply attach a micro SD card into the slot and you can record you Blackbox flight logs directly onto this SD. Which makes it easier to analyse your data as you are not limited to a small data slot, instead you could in theory record for over 12 hours!
Buttons!- Seems simple doesn’t it, however this board features on board buttons to make receiver binding and resetting the board dead simple. What a great feature! We are shocked no one has thought of this before.
Balls- Yes there is literally a pair of balls on the flight controller, but don’t worry you can remove it should you desire…

This board offers A LOT of really neat features, let’s just hope it can deliver and fix the flaws of the Original SPRacing Board.

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