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Teal Drone – The fastest Consumer Drone!

watch July 22, 2016 Consumer Drones, Latest News

enter site Now us DIY guys have had a fun few years laughing at people claiming they race phantoms. Or snorting with derision when we see a new “high-speed” drone on the market which does 40mph. But let’s face it, if you fly FPV you hit 40mph when warming up, most of our speeds are measured in 3 digits not two. However, the new Teal Drone may have just give us FPV guys a run for our money….

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aitopzionibinarie After years of flying drones and imagining their infinite possibility, we’ve brought our dream to life. Teal is more than a flying camera. It can fly 70 mph, withstand 40 mph winds, it’s built to run as many apps as you can think of, and it has a supercomputer onboard that lets it do things that no other drone can do.



  • Max Horizontal Speed – 70+ MPH
  • Wind Resistance – 40 MPH
  • Flight Time – 10 minutes (High Performance Battery)
  • Flight Time – 20 minutes (High Endurance Battery)
  • Thrust to Weight Ratio – 8:1
  • Diagonal Size – 261mm (Motor to Motor)
  • All Up Weight – 730g
  • Payload Capacity – 500g
  • Body Material – Carbon Infused/Polycarbonate Plastic


  • Sensor – 1/2.3″, 13MP
  • Lens – 150° FOV, f/2.5, focus at ∞
  • Image Size – 4224×3156 (4:3)
  • Recording Modes – 4K 24fps, 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps

Flight Battery

  • Capacity – 1800mah
  • Voltage – 15.2v
  • Battery Type – Lithium Polymer
  • Net Weight – 250g
  • Discharge Rating – 45C


seriöse literatur über binäre optionen Now Teal isn’t just running your average F3 flight controller…it has some serious beef inside it running Nvidia’s 64-bit TX1 processor, has 4GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. Other key features which are possibly aimed at the wider consumer include GPS and Wi-Fi technologies. It also has three USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 and HDMI port, memory card reader, and 13 MP camera 4K resolution, which can and stream video in HD.

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follow link The drone has a weight of 730 grams and the ability to carry cargo weighing up to 500 grams. Just waterproof to be without problems endure years of rain and snow.

rencontres hommes japonais The Teal is designed to be fully modular, and that doesn’t only mean removing the battery. Each arm can be popped on and off, as can the drone’s top section. Though it is not confirmed we could be seeing an upgrade cycle for this drone…which would give it a significant USP advantage over other drones in the market. Teal are also currently planning to release modules for the top section including thermal imaging, obstacle avoidance (something it currently can’t do on its own) and a secondary camera for first-person-view racing. One major flaw which see coming from a proper drone background (FPV racing) is that the modular design adds inherent weakness into the frame, which could significantly increase repair costs.

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http://thenovello.com/alfondie/elkos/4296 Whatever your opinion on Consumer drones this is definitely and interesting industry step and it remains to be seen as too whether this picks up. Arguably with DIY drones becoming more and more accessible not to mention cost effective, we could sae many potential teal customers shy away. The majority of people who are willing to shell out $1299 on a funfly drone is also likely to have the resolve to build one DIY style. One of the things which has kept consumer AP drones competitive is that fact that currently the majority of Aerial photographic innovation is happening in the consumer sector and not in the DIY arena. Unfortunatly for teal drone the same cannot be said for funfly drones.

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