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April, 2016

  • 21 April

    Virtuality Reality for Quad Coptors

    Have you ever considered Virtual reality as an option for your FPV flights? Now we have often come close to the VR experience over the last couple years. Many people have been putting head tracking modules in their Fatsharks, and we did have the Skyzone 3Ds a couple last year. …

March, 2016

  • 23 March

    BangGood FPV Monocle – Crazy or Ingenious?

    With the FAA continually tightening down on regulations, many manufactures and fliers are looking for ways to get around the regulations. One of the most damaging regulations for FPV is the one which states that the Pilot must have the model in line of sight at all times. Now, most …

  • 21 March

    Shen Drones Corgi – GoPro Session Quad

    Andy Shen strikes again!!! introducing The Corgi. When the GoPro session came out many in the community quickly identified its advantages on a drone. It’s light, study and best  of all compact, making it perfect for filming FPV runs. 3D printed mounts quickly started popping up on Thingiverse, however, the …

  • 17 March

    The SNAP – Vantage Robotics

    Vantage Robotics seem to have come up with the answer when it comes to a portable, safe and good quality camera drone. It looks likely to trail for $1295. However, Vantage Robotics are doing a limited time preorder offer of $895 saving you $400 so it be worth buying now, …

  • 7 March

    The New DJI Phantom 4 + Limited Offer

    DJI has just released its’ newest quad in the best selling phantom series – the Phantom 4 – Use the promo code JRDJP4 to get $50 off from the NY warehouse when you preorder now!!! Also Check out some cool Accessories for your New Phantom 4 Water Resistance Knapsack for …

February, 2016

  • 26 February

    Next Generation FPV – Epson Moverio BT 300

    Epson, a company best known for it’s printers and weird yet strangely helpful ink labelling system. Well not anymore!!! Introducing the Epson Moverio Smart glasses.   Frist realised last year they were thought to be simply a poor rival to the failed Google glass, however in this year’s Mobile World Congress. …

  • 23 February

    Dquad RefleX – The perfected X quad?

    Dquad has come be known over the past few years as the perfector of the current design craze. They did it with the H quad when they released the iniMini H quad, which proved to be incredibly tough and a good all round frame. Now they have released the RefleX …

  • 22 February

    TBS Triumph

    The TBS Triumph are a new FPV antenna designed by FPV Pioneer Alex Greve, better know as IBCrazy. This antenna is an update over the classic clover leaf/ skew planar we are used to. Interestingly it does not use any bent wires, unlike the wheel antennas of the past. It is …

  • 18 February

    New – Cobra 1806 2800kv Brushless Motor

    Been looking to super charge you 180 build? Well cobra now have the answer with these new Cobra 1806s. These are the first sub 22xx motors which Cobra have made. It is real testament to the new popularity of 180s that even the top motor manufactures are now building 1806s. …

  • 11 February

    TBS Vendetta

    As usual, TBS have come out with a totally unique design. This time it is a modular 250 quad designed for 5″ propellers called The Vendetta. 5″ props are widely considered to be a good compromise between the manoeuvrability of 4″ and the power of 6″. What really does set …