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September, 2017

  • 29 September

    Importance of storyboard for a drone pilot before shooting a drone video

    If you haven’t noticed the increasing use of drones in film and video production by video editing professionals over the last few years, you haven’t been paying close attention – or perhaps any attention at all. Take a closer look at commercials, news reports, television programs, feature films, online videos, …

  • 25 September

    Taking a Look at Everything You Wanted to Know About Aerial Photography

    Aerial photography, just as the name suggests, represents the process of taking pictures while in air, well actually just above the ground. Such pictures have plenty of applications and uses in many fields of research as well as in touristic and artistic photography. Aerial photography is important in interpreting, discovering …

  • 21 September

    Tips on editing drone videography along with regular videos

    You may be an experienced video editor, but drone video editing presents some different challenges and may require adjustments and additions to your skill set. But the necessary work to master the skills involved in drone videography and drone video editing are worth the investment. While our emphasis is on …

  • 16 September

    Five Steps To Help You Choose a Suitable Drone

    There are so many kinds of models on the market. It’s quite a hard work to research and compare each of them. As I see, there are five different dimensions to help you judge the most suitable drone: Purpose → Function → Duration → Quality → Price And it’s also an easy-five-steps method of choosing an RC drone. It makes your decision …

August, 2017

  • 24 August

    The Danger and Fun of Owning a Drone

    Drones are tremendously fun. Even if you’re the most jaded person, drones can bring out your inner kid. Drones, called Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are quite easy to operate. They are also well within the budgets of most people, and drones don’t really require significant skills. You only need some …

  • 21 August

    The History of Drones

    Guest Articles by David from DronesBuy.net – Check out his brilliant work You’ve probably already heard about the incredible drone revolution. Camera drones, racing drones, FPV, drone racing leagues … even Lady Gaga is using drones in her shows as we’ve seen in this year’s SuperBowl, they’re literally everywhere! As …

June, 2017

  • 4 June

    Top 7 Best Aerial Video apps for Drone Pilots

    Guest Post from Community Writer Gavin Hobbs When it comes to capturing the most stunning and breathtaking photos and videos, a drone is a photographer’s best friend. Drones can provide great benefits to drone users while also enhancing each shot and video whether by technique or angles and has become …

April, 2017

  • 18 April

    Top 5 Consumer Drones to consider for Summer 2017

    This is a Guest Article and does not represent the opinions of the Drone Insider Team The sales of drones have been continually increasing this is because of the ongoing trend of the demand for drones, be it for commercial or professional use or simply just for fun. If you’re …

  • 7 April

    Fly Like Mr Steele On A Budget

    This is a guest article by JJ Faulkner In the article you will learn how to build and setup a freestyle drone to achieve similar performance to Mr Steele’s drones. Firstly if you haven’t seen Mr Steele’s YouTube channel you should go check that out, he produces some excellent content. …

  • 7 April

    A Journey into the World of Commercial Drone Operations

    Guest Article By Vertigo UK In order to fly commercially or in other words make money from flying you need to obtain permission from the CAA.  In order to obtain permission you need to be qualified by a national qualified entity (NQE). I started my training in January 2017 with …