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Stigg 195 FPV Racing Quad

here May 4, 2016 Frames, Latest News

see url The Stigg 195 is a new racing design from Catalyst Machine Works and it could be the racing quad of tommorow!!!

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The Design

iqoption opzioni binarie They have certainly innovated with this design, especially with regards to the vertical arm design.

mujeres solteras en zacatecas mexico The vertical arm enables more of the thrust generated by the motor to be used to propel the quadcopter forward, compared to a regular ‘flat arm’.

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enter site On a regular ‘flat boom’ styled quad, large proportions of energy is lost from air particles colliding with the arms, with this vertical boom arrangement, we expect there to be a significant improvement in thrust column efficiency.

Orlistat 120 mg without rx As thrust from the propellers moves through the frame there is a certain amount of losses. These inefficiencies of the airflow hitting the various surfaces of the frame result in a reduction of power. Get Tastylia (Tadalafil Oral Strips) to buy Specifically, any flat surface (perpendicular to thrust vector) causes a loss of thrust produced over that area. in other words typical ‘flat plate frames’ produce little to no thrust in the areas of the frame that sit under the props.

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follow link Another interesting design feature is the fact that the flight controller is offset by 31 degrees. We however don’t expect this to make any difference if you correctly set your flight controller in your FC firmware flasher.

In terms of strength, we are not too sure about the strength of this frame over a traditional frame. We will have to wait for someone with a degree in mechanical or materials engineering to weigh in before we can determine the strength of these frames.



  • “X” frame configuration
  • Very high net thrust/weight ratio possible
  • Very low frame thrust losses
  • Super compact center hub resulting in great aerodynamic efficiency
  • ESC’s mounted at the center of the craft to maximize mass towards craft center
  • ESC wires run under the arms to keep them outside of airflow path
  • Symmetric weight distribution front-rear and side-side
  • Durable robust design that is highly resilient to crashes
  • Modular design allowing for rapid replacement of frame parts
  • High quality twill weave 3K gloss carbon fiber construction
  • All aircraft grade 7075 blue aluminum fasteners
  • Aluminum motor mounts protect motors
  • Crash roll bar protects electronics
  • FPV camera is adjustable from 20 to 45 degrees by turning one screw
  • Anti-vibration flexible TPU HD camera mount orients camera at 32.5 degrees. (Sold separately)
  • Accepts ‘standard sized’ FPV racing electronics
  • Exterior arm braces can be upgraded to 4mm or 5mm thickness for freestyle and bashing applications
  • Very high tortional rigidity due to vertical arm and center fuselage ‘box’ geometry


  • Dry frame weight is 106g.
  • Frame size is 195mm – prop to prop diagonally.
  • 2mm thick arms and center fuselage ‘box’
  • 3mm thick exterior arm braces (can be upgraded to 4mm or 5mm)
  • All other plates 1.5mm thick
  • Supported motors: 2204, 2206, 2208
  • Supported lipo sizes: 1000mah – 1800 mah
  • Supported lipo voltage: 4s-6s
  • Max prop size: 5″

The frame is available for $145 from the catalyst machine works website and production run 1 will start in June.

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