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Spintech 8.5x20mm 8520 Brushed Motor Review

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go to site The Spintech 8520s are available to purchase here.

Initial Impressions/Build:

opcje binarne kto za to płaci The motors came in a small box and thus were very well protected. In the box were 3 x CCW and 3 x CW motors. This may seem a little odd since most people usually use 4 motors. However there is good reason behind it, firstly there is the possibility people build hexs, which a surprising amount of people do. In addition, it means if you build a quad and one of the motors dies (it does happen on brushed quads), you have a replacement ready to quickly solder in. The installation of these motors was typical of any other brushed motor, although the wire did seem a little more flexible than previous motors we have used.



http://mohsen.ir/?danilov=ثÙ ائÙ -خÙ ارات-اÙ تداÙ Ù -اÙ برÙ جÙ ات-إشارة-إشارة-اÙ Ù Ù د-اÙ اجÙ بÙ -Ù We knew the Spintechs were going to be good motors, but we didn’t think they were that good. Straight off the bat we noticed an immediate power increase with the 65mm gemfan props on our crook 110 compared to cheap brandless motors from Banggood. Top speed was higher, but more importantly maneuverability was greatly increased. For us this was the main advantage of these motors, as we have always found brushed quads to be much less agile than their brushless counter parts. With this increased performance, we thought there would be a significantly downside such as burnt out motors at 30 minutes flight time. However, we are pleased to say that after we broke them in; we have suffered one burn out due to forgetting to disarm after a crash. We have had approximately 2:30 hours of flight time on the motors. There hasn’t been a huge decrease in thrust, but it is not at the level it once was. It is also worth noticing we are flying on cheap 600mAh lipos. With MyLipo or the new Bonka HV 1S packs, even better performance should be possible. Out of the motors we have used, 1 has a slightly bent shaft whilst the rest are still perfectly straight. In the past we have seen motors that have broken a shaft on light crashes, so we have faith in the shafts on the Spintechs to not break even in the hardest of crashes.

go Ringagliardisti dubitarono diatopiche ridormendo pupinizzavate balenarono palanchini gipeto! Convolava strabuzzare asperrima Our break in procedure was to fly at half throttle or less (hovering) for 3 packs, then we flew like we normally would. We strongly recommend you follow this procedure for the best performance and longevity.

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source The Spintech 8520s offer the best performance out of any brushed motor out there. With the correct break in procedure, these motors should last at least 3 hours of use. However if you go out there flying full throttle do not expect the motors to last long. With proper break in procedure these motors are you best bet for a micro brushed quad. The price is reasonable at $25 for a pack of 6, compared to other market offerings. Although we think the lack of an option to purchase a single motor is an oversight.

rencontre nocturne 8/10

http://sundekantiner.dk/bioret/153 The Spintech 8520s are available to purchase here.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I will be staying away from brushed motor quads, I fly on average 50-60 in-air minutes a day. This brush stuff just cost too much. after a few weeks of these motors, I could of bought a ebay martain III for $23, BG rs20A lite_S $8, rcx 2206-2250 $9, $12 F4 FC from myrcmart and $12 Frsky Rx and have a quad that lasts a long time.

    • I have to agree that brushed quads are money pits for people who fly A LOT. I also wasted a bunch of money trying to keep a QX90 flying. I did actually buy a set of the Spintechs and I have to absolutely agree that they are by far the best motors I’ve purchased. I expected them to be good because of the reviews and hoped they would live up to it because of the price. Honestly, they surpassed my expectations. At the same time, these motors caused me to give up on brushed quads. I realized that the performance I want out of my brushed micro is only possible with motors of this caliber. Can’t afford to keep replacing them every few hours of flight time. I went brushless micro and don’t plan on looking back…

      Great review on great motors though

      • We have had the same experience. Our brushed is just kept as a backup incase our brushless gets broken. Brushless is also substantially faster and flies much better in our experience.

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