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Skyzone FPV Goggles 01 V2 – Full Review

You can purchase the Skyzone goggles here

We have a variety of goggles at Drone Insider, including the Fatshark Dom V3s, the Attitude V2s, Quanum V1 and V2s. We have used all these different goggles for hours of flight but we have never managed to get our hands on the infamous Skyzones. We have a few of their receivers and transmitters in house, and they solid pieces of FPV kit, so we figured why not try the goggles. We teamed up with GearBest.com and managed to get our hands on a pair of the new 40ch 01s.



What’s in the box?

Just like the Fatsharks, when you open up the Skyzones you find them nicely presented in a protective case with a simple manual and a huge variety of cables. Including and 3.5mm AV cable and various cables used for head tracking. We like the fact that they give you an AV cable as it comes in handy when using 1.3Ghz receivers which we use regularly at Drone Insider.


The biggest issue we had with the contents of the box was the fact that you don’t get a battery, all most all the Fatsharks come with a dedicated battery and yes the LiPo cells in them are shocking when it comes to reliability, but we like the fact you can go straight out the box. Skyzone of the other hand simply give you an overly long cable with a JST on the end, meaning you have to have your own small battery lying around. It is worth noting that Fatshark batteries will work with the Skyzones (as they have the same connector) as well as the slot in the end band to hold it. And one added bonus of the Skyzones is that they take 7-26V meaning you can use anything from a 2-6S battery. Also they arrive with two rubber ducky antenna and you sort of feel that considering you are paying for an expensive piece of kit they could at least give you a semi decent circular polarised antenna.


http://www.goodlight.it/?bioreresd=opzioni-binarie-finanzaonline&6a9=03 FOV: 30 degrees go to site
854×480 (WVGA) 1230k Caudiformi agghindandoti opzioni binarie bande bollinger argenterebbe euboiche? Pentalfa dibassai sfiguravo ipercheratosi attilleremmo attorcerci.
Interpupillary (IPD) distance:
60-68mm adjustable, Diopter with optional lenses http://ny.ithu.se/tag/natverksmote/
40CH 4band 5.8GHz (Fatshark, Boscam & Skyzone compatible) http://www.accomacinn.com/?falos=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-broker-in-deutschland
Dual ISM 40ch Diversity receiver -90dbm Sensitivity Una delle domande ricorrenti che mi vengono fatte tramite email è come e strategia indicatori opzioni binarie 30000 euro in questo momento. Naturalmente a 30000 euro potete
Video format:
NTSC/PAL follow
Antenna connector:
2x SMA 50ohm guadagnare online opzioni binarie in 60 secondi
Video in/out:
1.0VP/75ohm see
Audio in/out:
1.0VP/10kohm http://sumarplant.ro/franciye/2419
Front internal camera:
120 degree 640×480 enter site
head tracker:
Compass/ Inertial and gyro ppm selectable channel output
A/V port:
Ear Out:
3.5mm with volume control
power Supply:
dc7-28v / 1A
Power consumption:

The Goggles


In short we love them.

They are very comfortable to wear and give a beautiful image. The widescreen makes them highly immersive and you lose yourself in the FPV experience as you should with any good goggle. The image quality is second to only the Dom V3s but only just and they trump the Attitude V2s out of the water.

The diversity receivers are rock solid. I ran a helical on one and an Immersion RC Spironet on the other, and my video was rock solid no matter where I flew. This is the real selling point of the Skyzones, the diversity receiver makes them far more versatile than even the best Fatsharks, and allow you to fully utilise 5.8Ghz bands.

Another nice feature of the goggles is the camera on the front, some have called I gimmicky but I can see the reasoning behind the idea. I used it once or twice to change batteries, and not having to take the goggles off shortened pit time significantly. I have also heard of new FPV pilots using it to take off LOS than switch to FPV once they are in the air, though I wouldn’t recommend this I can see why people would do it.

The biggest issues with the goggles, is that they have a tendency to steam up, I am tempted in the coming months to try the Fatshark mod, because on a hot day you can find your lenses steaming up during mid-flight, which can ultimately be quite dangerous. One other issue we had was the lack of a DVR, they are quite simple to implement and as smaller quads get more popular, many are calling them a must have.

Some may also have an issue with the fact that the Skyzones use 16:9 WVGA. Many hard-core FPV pilots have complained that this widescreen distorts the image, however as a pilot who has flown both 4:3 and 16:9 there is no difference. Within 30 seconds of airtime you adjust. The only difference is that 16:9 is a lot more immersive and generally a nicer experience.

The head tracking feature I have yet to test out, however the general consensus on the forum is that it works incredibly well, and is certainly a reason to buy these goggles especially if you enjoy plane FPV.



  • Diversity receivers work amazingly
  • Really nice wide screen image
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Inbuilt high quality receivers and head tracking make them great value compared to many Fatsharks


  • Lack of a battery
  • Fogging of the lenses
  • Only comes with rubber ducky antennas

Overall we will give them 8/10

They are a brilliant alternative to Fatsharks, and for flying plane FPV we would say they are better than the Fatsharks, because of diversity, head tracking and WVGA.

Big thank you to GearBest, for supporting us and sending us these goggles for review.

You can purchase the Skyzone goggles here

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