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Singularity – Flight Controller + Video Transmitter + BEC

January 17, 2016 Electronics

see This is a very interesting offering from ImpulseRC. It combines a F3 Flight Controller and 400mW video transmitter, into a single package, making wiring simpler. However it does pose the problem that if your Flight controller were to break, you would have an unwieldy video transmitter.

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here In this video ImpulseRC go through the fine details of the board.


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http://nottsbushido.co.uk/hotstore/Hotsale-20150822-327400.html However if you don’t have the time to go through the video we have picked out some of the key facts.

  • The FPV camera and receiver will be powered off the integrated 1A 5V BEC.
  • There is a simple pin that you can bridge to apply power to your video transmitter, this means you can easily remove the pin in the case that you are flying LOS or tinkering with your quad on the bench.
  • The USB port only powers the Flight controller, so you don’t have to worry about the VTx being powered on when you are tuning PIDs.
  • Serial RXs (such as Spektrum Sat and SBus) as well as PPM are supported, PWM is not supported. There is a jumper to select either 3.3v or 5v for your receiver.
  • The board has a 128Mbit dataflash for Blackbox logging.
  • Telemetry is available, and the battery voltage is automatically read off the LIPO IN pads, simply solder your telemetry wires to the designated holes and enable ‘SOFTSERIAL’ in Cleanflight/Betaflight.

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opzioni binarie le migliori piattaforme In conclusion, we at droneinsider are very impressed by the planning that went into this product and it seems well thought out. Especially if you already have an ImpulseRC Alien and are looking to simplify your build that bit more.

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