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Shen Drones Corgi – GoPro Session Quad

click here March 21, 2016 Frames, Latest News

finanza operazioni binarie Andy Shen strikes again!!! introducing The Corgi. When the GoPro session came out many in the community quickly identified its advantages on a drone. It’s light, study and best  of all compact, making it perfect for filming FPV runs. 3D printed mounts quickly started popping up on Thingiverse, however, the frame manufactures have been slow into create a frame specifically designed for the Session – Until Now. Andy Shen, took it upon himself to create a truly novel frame and its seems to have worked.

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http://zenaxy.com/master/2258 There were initial problems with the V1 and V2 because in the trying to keep the design compact it made building quite tricky, and there was a need to keep the quad compact as most people don’t like flying anything much more than a 210 these days as more and more pilots settle on 5″ quads. The Centralised weight should also make it a firm favourite with pilots, as the lower and centralised CG will help it when flying at high speeds and cornering. There is a link to Andy’s blog post here.


trading significato Weight is as centralized as possible, with the Session and battery right on the prop line and next to each other.  With the pdb and fc down between the lower plates, Corgi is a challenging build, definitely not for the first timer.

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go here This is not a build for the faint hearted, in order to keep components protected the PDB and Flight controller are sandwiched between the top and bottom plates, leaving as much room as possible for the GoPro, Battery and FPV gear. The frame weighs in at a respectable 147g making around average for 210s, but it should still pack a punch. And It can take a crash or two as well, with 4mm carbon filler on the arm mounts so that they don’t snap off in a crash. This is always incredibly important when there is a large gap between the top and bottom plates in a quad, it is so often overlooked by manufactures, so it is nice to see that Shen has implemented this.

http://osrodekpiszkowice.pl/?yued=opcje-binarne-kursy&1e5=35 Studio_Session-014_1024x1024

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follow Currently the Frame is retailing at $110 which seems like a very reasonable price for a well built, designed and high quality frame. Though it is only on Pre-order we definitely suggest giving it a look in as in true Shen drones style it’s definitely not like anything else on the market.

We are currently talking to Andy Shen to see if we can get a review frame, as it looks like a really nice design. Great job Mr Shen!!!

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