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RDQ 182 – Lifetime Warranty Racer – 5″ – Product Shoutout

We recently came across this new 5″ racing frame – RDQ 182. As the name suggests this is a 180 sized 5″ frame and it seems the quest to go ever small and ever lighter has reached new heights. The RDQ weighs only a staggering 76g meaning that builds can be as light as 315-340 grams. The 4mm single bottom plate should prove to take any crash you throw at it, and the simple design should prove to make repairs nice and easy.



Now if you’re running Emax RS2205 2300 KV you could get a thrust-weight ratio of 15:1!!!!! If that can’t win you a race nothing will! Here’s what Race Day Quads have to say about their frame:

Strength, speed, and value. That is what the RDQ 182 offers in a greater combination than any other racer on the market. With a 4mm base plate, which has a lifetime warranty, you can spend more time racing and less time fixing. Have the confidence to push that left stick forward, because you know that the frame won’t break (and if it somehow does, you’re covered).

The RDQ is priced incredibly competitively, under cutting all the major race Frames such as the SCX, Stigg 195, Shrike and BDX. This along with it’s simplicity of design will make it a highly attractive frame option for many racers.  One reservation we do have is that the build looks very challenging and would not be appropriate for first time builders. However, in order to help RaceDayQuads have posted extensive build notes on their site.


A life time warranty may also start to become more common as the frame market becomes more competitive. Rather than having a pragmatic purpose, a life time warranty has more of psychological impact on the buyer as it indicates the companies confidence in the frame design. It has worked very well for Armattan on selected models, and it is nice to see that level of confidence spreading throughout vendors in the hobby.

Check it out here.

We are currently talking to RaceDayQuads.com about getting one to review so keep and eye out. For now, however here a video of this beast flying.

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