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Racekraft 5051 Triblade Propeller

Propellers have always had a key part to play in how your drone performs, and the most recent edition to the racekraft line of propellers is the 5 inch racekraft 5051 triblade, supposedly designed from the ground up to make your quad go extremely fast, and the question is, is the hype for this propeller valid?


The Verdict

As with every thing in Drone there is no simple answer. Ulitmately it depends on your set up. If you run a quad with anything less than a 2205 motor, you will not get the desired performance, as the propeller is very heavy. At Drone Insider, we have one quad running 2204 2500kv skitzo edition motors, which, during testing, showed us clearly, that they were made for a lighter prop. However, when testing this propeller on a quad with standard RS2205 2300kv Emax red botoms motors, the performance increase was noticable. The speed that we experienced on the punch out was like nothing we had seen before. We’ve been flying these propellers for a few weeks now, and managed to break the quad we were testing them on from a crash before we even went through one set of propellers, and the same propellor set is still going strong and give the DAL Tri-blade V2 a run for their money!!



These propellers are very high performance. The pitch angle of 5.1 inches makes the quad fly extremely fast, and is an ideal racing propeller due to the high speeds it can make the quad go. Just by putting these propellers on your quad can increase the speed by 15 mph.  These propeller are also aethetically pleaseing coming in all manner of colours  which all look amazing, the high pitch angle looks great as well as well as being extremely durable. But, these are definitely not a beginner propeller. Their high pitch angle gives immense speed and acceleration which will take skill to control.  But when you do you will have a load of fun! The main down side is inevitably the massive amp draw which not only puts massive stress on key componants of the battery, ESC and motors, it also shortens your flight time comsiderably and is a factor to take into consideration if you are more of a leisure flier. However, if you are one for getting every gram of performance out of your quad we would highly recommend these props, especially if you are looking for a bit more oomth from your quad without upgrading your whole build.


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