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Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 w/5 inch LCD Monitor (Kit)

Coming from the Quanum V1s I was not expecting much in terms of immersion and picture quality but I have to say I was surprised….


How easy are they to set up?

In true Hobbyking style you get an unassuming unbranded brown box when they arrive. They’re neatly packaged and everything is fully protected. A quick note delivery was quick however when using DHL I was saddled with rather brutal import duties so watch out!!! As this is a common, large and fairly expensive product I would defiantly recommend buying from a local warehouse.
Anyway back to business. Once unboxed you get a fairly reasonable instruction manual by HK standards and it gives you a vague idea how to put the things together, however it doesn’t take too many brain cells to work out how these goggles work. Overall it took me just under 20 mins to fully setup. The only extra thing I needed was some hot glue however this is a necessity as the neoprene surrounding the goggles keeps them together. I didn’t bother working out how to install the video switcher because I always fly 16:9 for the extra immersion so I have no need to use 4:3

78125_10_HighWhat’s included?

  • EPP Foam goggle case size: 162mm x 170mm x 102mm
  • Neoprene goggle glove size: 300mm x 230mm
  • 5” TFT monitor resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
  • Video switcher
  • 3 lenses
  • A mass of adapting wires

The Pros:

  • Very comfortable (much much better than the V1s)
  • Incredibly immersive more so than my old Attitude V2s (probably because of the 16:9)
  • Clear picture quality
  • Easy to set up
  • The Neoprene has loads of loops, holes and straps to keep everything from a bulky 1.3Ghz receiver to battery to head tracking etc.
  • Seem to be better build the V1s
  • Amazing value for money – by far the best on the market

12443785_1073337056052143_1004386750_oThe Cons

  • The Fresnel Len’s break very easily
  • They are very bulky and heavy
  • The mass of adapters is very annoying, there are many wire connections and a small knock and you could lost your video
  • I had to solder on proper DC plug because all the ones it comes with are small and so don’t work with many video receivers
  • No clear instruction on how to use the video switcher
  • The Fresnel lens holder obscures some of the outer edges of the screen

How did they fly?

In short like a dream!!!! Bright and pleasant pictures, contrast was fine and as expected there were no blue screen issues. The field of view is perfect, especially when running wide screen.
On the subject on 16:9 vs 4:3, it’s all up to personal preference, and despite what the pros say it doesn’t impact flying unless you’re flying very close proximity.
The over flying experience is highly enjoyable and you can easily get immersed in the experience. I would even go as far as to argue that in some cases of plane FPV these may even be better because you don’t feel as claustrophobic in them as you do in some of the lower Fatshark models.

To summarise

A really good set of googles!!! They are probably the best value goggles anyone can buy at the moment and basically the negate the QuanumV1s. Yes there are a few build quality issues and they obviously won’t look as good high endFatsharks, however if you put their price in perspective you realise what a good set they are. The only gripes I have (both of which are easy to fix) is firstly the mass of adapters and the lack of a standard DC power cord. And Secondly the fact the lenses scratch and break quite easily but credit to Hobbyking they do supply 3 of them. All in all, I would go as far as to say that the QuanumV2s negate the lower end Fatshark models, because in my opinion these goggles give a better FPV experience than all the Fatshark goggles below the Attitude range.
Value: 9/10
Overall: 7/10
(overall is lower because they are never going to be as good as proper immersive goggles such as Dominators, Skyzones or DomHDs)

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