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ProDrone Pagoda 5.8 Antenna Review

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see This is a guest article by Franczesko FPV

I recently got some Pagoda antennas from ProDrone for testing. As you can later see in the video, they came packed very nice – relatively big cardboard box (only two antennas inside) full of bubble wrap, and short instruction about how NOT to use VTx (always plug power with antenna on) and some information about other ProDrone antennas. Additionally there are some 3D printed tools – two small wrenches, four nut like 3D printed “add ons” for sma connector for easier hand grip and one extra antenna protector. Each pair of antennas is tuned to each other which means that on particular channels their SWR ratio is the same or very close (in easier words they work better on particular channels). Of course these frequencies are written on stickers attached to an antenna.
I tested them on ImmersionRC 25mW non raceband transmitter and FlyingLemon 2pineapples Fatshark module.
Overall ProDrone Pagodas are (for me) great value for money (around 25$ for pair). Video reception is great. Some people may complain about durability and here I must agree that you have to well protect them, in my quad the antenna sticks out no more than 2,5cm (about 1in) from the back of the frame and top mounted battery protects it from crashes (but not in 100%). Finally I really like these antennas and I am planning to buy one more for my backup quad.

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