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Does playing a musical instrument make you a better drone pilot?

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follow At Drone Insider, we have started to realise that learning a musical instrument could affect how fast you learn how to fly a drone, how quickly you progress once you have learnt how to fly, and also how you hold on to your skills for long periods of time even if you haven’t flown for a long period of time.

http://boersenalltag.de/blog/blog-from/2013-04-01/ At Drone Insider, we think that we can tell that those of us who play musical instruments learned how to fly FPV at a faster rate, and seem to require less practice to advance. Top drone pilots including Jonathan (Skitzo) Davis and Steele Davis are also skilled musicians, and we feel that the whole concept of learning a musical instrument, and the skills taught when you learn transfer very well over to flying a drone. In questioning a few people, we have found that there may be a link, as often the musicians went from being a completely novice pilot to confident FPV flyer much more quickly. We want to find out whether there really is a link.

Trading options management your ira This is where we would like your help as the drone community. At Drone Insider, we would like to come to a more conclusive result. We have setup a survey to gather as much data as possible. We would be grateful if you could fill out the survey (its only 4 questions), whether you play a musical instrument or not. We will be posting the results of the survey once we got a sufficient amount of data.

get link Link to survey

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  1. Your survey will only show correlation, not causation. You say you’re trying to prove being a musician causes one to learn to fly a drone faster, but all you’re going to do is create some statistics that may show a high percentage of those learning to fly fast are also musicians. But, for example, what if the actual cause is that they all are under 5 foot 10? You need a much better constructed research project to prove anything close to what you’re setting out to prove. #fail

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